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Louis IX stated that only skilled clerics could conduct a disputation with Jews, but that laymen should plunge a sword into those who speak ill of the Christ

I like Louis IX.

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King Louis IX was a great Christian king. He was very devout. He took his job as defender of the faith seriously. He later was canonized at Saint Louis. And later there was a city in Missouri named after him.

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He'd be dissapointed in his namesake City.

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This is the kind of leader I want.

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Probably France's greatest king and leader, and a sure proof that a monarchical system is not guaranteed to produce evil results.

At a young age his mother told him, "Son, I would rather see you dead at my feet than to commit a mortal sin." And that exhortation in particular stuck with him for life.

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Monarchies are the most effective and efficient form of governance. The problem is always one of transition. After which tyranny is certain to creep in over time. The only question is how long?

As such, defacto, monarchies are doomed to failure 100% of the time. It's only a question of time. The point of the Republic is to own this failure and provide safeties to defend against it. Up to and including armed conflict.

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He banned trials by ordeal, tried to prevent the private wars that were plaguing the country, and introduced the presumption of innocence in criminal procedure. To enforce the application of this new legal system, Louis IX created provosts and bailiffs.

I like him too.

Louis's actions were inspired by Christian zeal and Catholic devotion. He decided to severely punish blasphemy (for which he set the punishment to mutilation of the tongue and lips),[1] gambling, interest-bearing loans and prostitution. He spent exorbitant sums on presumed relics of Christ, for which he built the Sainte-Chapelle, and he expanded the scope of the Inquisition and ordered the burning of Talmuds and other Jewish books. He is the only canonized king of France, and there are consequently many places named after him.

Fuck, I might like him even more.

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He's straight to the point

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Basically an ex-Jew translated their holy texts and people found out that Judasim is/was a fucked up cult of bestiality and murder. And people wonder why everyone hates the Jews, so random!

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But i was taught that the only ones who criticized jews are nazis and before nazis everyone thought jews were perfect. /s

Btw, thanks for the find, didn't know that.

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you are wrong there this just means all white people are nazis!!!

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no such thing as an ex-jew, it's an ethnicity

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(unmute the sound ) https://files.catbox.moe/climfp.mp4

Furthermore, the burning of the 12'000 Talmuds were made in 1242 a few meters away from the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. Exactly 777 years later, in 2019, the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris cohencidently burns in the first day of the Christian Holy week.

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This post is relevant to this discussion.

Burning of the Talmud at the Cathedral.


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What do you make of that?

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That the burning of Notre Dame of Paris certainly was a Jewish false flag.

The former Architect of Notre Dame of Paris finds the burning very suspect.


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his motivation to join the church was to attack Judaism

The first recorded "oy vey they goyim know"

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There is a passage, for example, of someone named Jesus who was sent to hell to be boiled in excrement for eternity. The Jews denied that this is the Jesus of the New Testament, stating "not every Louis born in France is king"

Centuries without jewish tricks: 0

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“Among the obscene folklore is a story that Adam copulated with each of the animals before finding Eve.”


“According to Rab, Ham castrated Noah”

“According to Samuel, Ham sodomized Noah”

“In Genesis 34:2 it reads, "And when Shechem the son of Hamor saw her (Dinah), he took her and lay with her and defiled her." According to this argument, similar abuse must have happened each time that the Bible uses the same language. The Talmud concludes that, in fact, "both indignities were perpetrated."”

Also the four smartest rabbis in France used the “the Jesus that is boiling in excrement forever is a different Jesus” defense, proving the case that it’s ok to lie to goyim.

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Yeah, it's a different son of God GOY!

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What a fool!

If you find a group of people following a book that allows killing those outside their cult you burn those people, not their books!

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So I looked into the beast-fucking. The first response is to accuse the person of anti-Semitism.

So yeah, jews think adam fucked animals.

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