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It's like Chips Ahoy took a page from that highly successful Gillette razor campaign.

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Yes, but at least they did their market research first. The RWDS aren't buying fucking Chips Ahoy.

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FUCK can't even eat cookies anymore.

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Those things aren't even cookies, man. It's a plop of broiled chemical mush. Make them at home and use WAY less sugar than the recipe says, or stevia instead. Remove the sugarshekelers from your life.

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Those are garbage "food" for fat losers.

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FUCK can't even eat cookies anymore.

it can make you gay,lmfao

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I don't think it's been updated in years, but theyrule.net would likely show that the Gillette campaign and the chips ahoy fiasco were approved by at least two of the same people, because of all the interconnected boards of Nabisco and Proctor and Gamble.

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This is an incredible resource, thanks for posting it.

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I'm thinking they've had to move the timeline ahead because their plans have been discovered by more people than they wanted.

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chips asoy is garbage disguised as food... don't eat it.

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and boycott ALL corporations that hire subsaharan-african-cannibals as "employees"!!!

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or Jews and their golems

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What, you don't like some natural yellow tonic added to the recipe?

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Anything sweet that you can buy premade is garbage, now. Make that shit at home. Cookies are probably literally the easiest thing anyone could bake besides, like... raw flour. Fat, flour, sugar; that's it— whatever you do from there is personal preference.

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Ain't that the truth? When I went to live on my own I started cooking and baking a lot and I soon discovered that I had a talent and a likeness for it, but also that cooking and baking is much more simple than all the lazy single moms and obese people would have you believe. It's an exponentionnal growth in knowlegdge because many receipes used to same elements. For example, there are a multitude of dishes you can cook once you master how to make a perfect bechamel sauce.

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Can someone go shoot up another synagogue and say this is what drove you over the edge in your manifesto?

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if history is any indicator, a dirty-yiddish-gypsy-"jew" will shoot up it's own synagogue and blame another culture.... funny how the mossad was running the cells that trained the 9/11 bombers!!!

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Can we please just have one nice thing?

It occurred to me about a year ago, these attacks on normalcy have to do with generations. I'd imagine granny and grandpa felt the same way about mandatory desegregation.

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We have Chik-fil-A and not much else. I support small, locally owned products whenever I can.

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Chips Ahoy might be nice to eat sometimes but they're really bad for you. We need to move away from a sugar/carb based diet and the more of these products that disappear from store shelves, the better. The reason for our health issues in the USA is the food. When there are a dozen brands of cookies but almost nothing carb-free available at the grocery store it's much harder for people to maintain their health.

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mandatory desegregation

That was a mistake too. What you're describing as attacks on normalcy is the standardized steady (((widening))) of the Overton window, nothing more.

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jews treat the overton window like a goatse

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Honestly, thats a million times worse to have gone through, especially seeing your own military with guns drawn on people enforcing it. Democracy is a lie. Monarchy/Fascism from people who care for their people all the way.

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I've been disappointed after every bite of a chips ahoy cookie I've ever taken. Do people eat those things into adulthood?

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Many years ago, when they didn't command a price premium, they were pretty good. A different chewy texture from the usual fare from cheap cookies or the usual recipe. Since then they've changed, but not before they slipped in to native ads in sitcoms and movies.

They stopped being good. Then they advertised themselves into a niche Reddit-style luxury market. And now they're continuing with poz. The product isn't good, and these campaigns prove it. It's a fad to revive dead product lines.

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Yeah, but millenials don't even like cross dressers. Half of them have convinced themselves that they like minorities, and some of them even like homosexuals. But crossdressers? No offense, but have you ever socialized with a cross dresser? They're just weird. You can't forget about it. It's the fake/weird voices that they use. You can't be like in a restaurant while one of them is talking, and think about anything else other than how weird they are.

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They were pretty good

I honestly don't ever remember them being good. I only remember the feeling of disappointment biting into them.

What was left in my mouth were always dry crumbs with an intermittent bite of just-as-dry cocoa-ish tasting chips.

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Do people eat those things into adulthood?

I think it's mainly stoners that eat them as adults.

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Never eaten one, never will, same with soda. Junk shit. Now supported by trannies.

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drag moms

This phrase is terrifying.

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Sounds better than transvestite faggot dads.

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That's terrifying too.

I'll press G to gas.

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oy vey they should've put a star of david in there as well. Shaloms™

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I'm sure that they have a kosher approval symbol on their packaging.

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yep, it's kosher

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