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We spend all this time bitching about having to many pocs in tv/movies and when one comes around without any, someone immediately suggest we try to ruin it...

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exactly, op has some sub saharan african logic, "if they messed up a movie, let's mess them all up, because that will for sure wake up normies, since terrorism and videos of mussies mocking europeans wasn't enough"

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Well, mostly because it makes the liberals question themselves.

They inject blacks into the middle-ages in historical dramas all the time. This is seen as acceptable, partially because that time is so far away from us that we can't relate to it. Deep down, they know that their were no blacks in the middle ages in Europe, but they still accept it.

There weren't any blacks involved in Chernobyl, but diversity matters, so why not inject some? Because it wouldn't be realistic. That leads people to question diversity vs historical accuracy. That's leads people to redpilling themselves.

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Stop kidding yourself. These little things do not make anyone question anything. All you do is guarantee that there will be more black people in everything. This is not that clever

[–] Womb_Raider ago 

TheodoreKent is one of SBBH's many accounts, they don't care about any of us. Least of all white folks.

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We Demand Glow In The Dark Darkies

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Glow In The Darkies

That's funny sheeeit

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Radioactive Niggers would be a cool post-Atomic Apocalypse survival game.

[Eyy yo crackah, lemme get sum dose Iodine pills before I bust a cap in yo ass]

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Fallout already did super mutants.

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Sounds like a great name for a punk band, if actual punk bands were still a thing.

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The CIA hired all of them.

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Full unemployment.

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Yes goy, repeat the anti-Russian propaganda from the cold war.

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I'm trying to make my own propaganda, asshole.

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and I appreciate that. Getting Chernobyl onto the radar of normies would be a huge achievement. they can't even spell it with cut and paste.

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No leave it alone before everything gets blacked you fucking dipshit

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So, is this miniseries any good?

No niggers is already a plus on my list...

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I actually enjoyed the first episode.

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I'll give it a try.

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Looks like a good series. I’ll probably give it a go.

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Downloaded it the other day (ThePirateBay has it), was not overly impressed. Wasn't as bad as I feared but I had pretty low expectations. It's extremely pretentious and long-winded even for an HBO drama, and pretty light on any technical details. But still a good look at how the Soviet government and bureaucracy worked back then.

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It kind of shits on Socialism, either the Kikes are getting nervous with all their anti-white propoganda or they are doubling down somehow.

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Yeah, I'd rather have a long format documentary with tons of technical details.

[–] Civil_Warrior ago 


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Yeah honestly it isn't too bad. The first episode is scary as fuck, made me question my support of Nuclear power.

Then I looked up the actual death toll and laughed my ass off.

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Why did you laugh at the death toll?

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Did they cover the part where """maintenance workers""" doing an """inspection""" shut down the safeguards without following protocol?

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You do know the difference between western and soviet style reactors, right?

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In Japan, after the Fukushima disaster, old men volunteered to go into the radiation pit to clean it up ...even knowing that they would only live for hours.

Happy Mother's Day.

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How many people died in Fukushima?

[Edit: One. One died from radiation. All other fatalities we're from the earthquake/tsunami.]

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No, we want less niggers in film and tv.

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