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I disagree for two reasons. The censor size on a smartphone camera is tiny. There is little to no optical zoom. These factors combine in rendering an image of a grainy dot against the sky, usually with no method of even forcing the sensor to focus on the dot. Just try taking a picture of a jet or even a bird in the air using one. You can't reasonably expect a person to photograph a ufo with a device that could not record a plane. Despite the quality being abysmal ufo pictures are still more popular than ever. Tiny blurry bullshit all over youtube and the entire south american spanish internet. Then reposted on fringe sites like beforeitsnews. While I'm not a believer in ufos myself this line of reasoning is nonetheless bullshit.

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This is the only correct answer. Common phones and cameras are designed to focus no further than twenty feet. They really change nothing in the context of OP's position.

While HD cameras exist, few people are walking around with them and a good set of lenses to focus to the required distance.

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@meowmix56 & @RoundWheel Great points. With a Samsun S5, I took pictures of a blimp that was not far away at njght. It was perfectly visible with the naked eye. The S9 does have an optical soom, but it is only 2x. It's low ligh performance seems better. Of course, sensors capable of grrat low light, long distance photography will probably not be made common, for this very reason.

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You also need to know what your doing. I once had the opportunity to try and take a picture with the camera of an enthusiast and couldn't make a decent picture.

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While I'm not a believer in ufos myself this line of reasoning is nonetheless bullshit.

UFO's exist. What they are is the question. Believing is not required, just like believing in oxygen is not required.

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There are no ETs that have contacted humans or visited Earth. However interdimensional entities have (our forefathers referred to them as 'demons'). This is why we haven't found a craft, or bodies (and please don't bring up Roswell, that is a long story but still not ETs).

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This makes very much sense for UFOs but no real sense for Bigfoot.

I know Bigfoot is probably not real, but I really want to believe in the mighty Sasquatch.

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Due to their lifestyle primates do not fossilize easily, which is why finding early hominids is difficult and exciting when new discoveries have been found. The forests of the pacific northwest certainly aren't conducive to it either. Most north american megafauna died off at the end of the last ice age and the introduction of man. Carribou, moose, and buffalo aside those that remained did so in ever dwindling numbers. American lion, mammoth, giant sloth, cave bear, and so on. While I am not a believer in bigfoot either, it is plausible that the sightings in the first half of the twentieth century were due to the timber industry encroaching on the last few tens of individuals of a dying species. Where as historically prior to western civilization settling the area even native tribes had legends of them, now despite human encroachment and destroying a good portion of the potential habitat we have fewer sightings than ever. Something you'd expect would increase, even if it were only false positives, considering how familiar the public is and how many more people there are in the area.

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...And the woodland hiker marches right past Sasquatch without noticing because he's fiddling with his phone...

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Not real? Ask someone who has lived in the Sierra Mountains!

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I tried to film a UFO with a smart phone at night. Didn't work well. You really need a telephoto lens, gen III night vision, and a good tripod.

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I tried to film one also once, and it was right over my head. Couldn't see a thing later on my phone.

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Anything fast moving at night is rather hard to photograph. There simply aren't a lot of photons for the film or sensor to use.

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USS Nimitz. Military aircraft have good cameras, too.


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Ive become more of a supporter of a break away civilization

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Good riddance.

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Hopefully it's the Reich waiting on the world to hit a critical mass of those "redpilled" and then everything returns to normalcy.

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Of interest is that the high resolution RADAR data was rapidly confiscated by higher-ups and never seen again.

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Nah, theres just as much of it as ever, The rake, Wendigos, mothman and skinwalkers is what they're into now.

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Damn first I’ve heard of The Rake.. creepy shit.

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I went through Harlem and saw a Bigfoot run across the road. It ooooked! It eeeeeeked! It wanted to know where its muhfuggin gibs was----whatever that means

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Yep. We are in the age of HD imaging. If something can be filmed in HD, it will be filmed in HD.

Yet ever notice how there’s never any footage of any of these terror attacks taking place, or even photos of healing wounds, injuries, gunshot wounds, bullet-riddled glass windows, blood and carnage, and other things you would find in the aftermath of a real shooting? For example if I got shot by a terrorist and survived, and I was on social media, i would show everyone my bullet wound and in various stages of healing/treatment. But you never see anything like this at all.

Furthermore, it’s funny that everyone stopped caring that SpaceX allegedly put a car in space. You would think it would be used as advertisement for Teslas.

Come to think of it, there’s no video of satellites in space, being repaired or functioning at all. Not even from the photos allegedly from space do you ever see a single satellite orbiting even though there’s supposed to be 4,900 up there right now.

Other things there’s not video or photo of: an astronaut launching from earth to board the ISS. Or someone on a spacewalk at the ISS simply rotating their camera all the way around so we can see what’s all around them. And of course you’ll never see a satellite from the alleged video on board the ISS.

It’s also kind of funny that people think we went to the moon six times almost 50 years ago but there’s not even a photo of any of the landing sites, or any photographs taken of the lunar surface since then for that matter. 50 years after going to the moon, I should be able to tune into all kinds of live feeds and streams from the moon. Why isn’t there a camera so we can live stream an eclipse from the moon? Talk about all the cool, profitable space shit that a logical mind would expect there to be by now in real life.

It’s funny how many things people think totally exist yet they’re not even on video or photographed when they definitely should be.

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Not sure why your going on about space. People commonly photo orbital objects. Others commonly track them based upon rf emissions. These are all hobbyists.

The launch of the Tesla was the PR stunt to test their rocket. They could launch a dummy load or use a Tesla and push it for PR. They did.

The Tesla doesn't have long term power and it's video TX is very low power. Largely because it doesn't have long term power. There is no great mystery here.

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Don't engage the moon nigger, he's hopeless.

The fact that you can observe and test these things from your backyard will never convince him.

He probably believes the earth is flat too.

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So where are all the photos of satellites? Why dont we have 1 shot takes from The ISS?

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There are videos of shootings and terror attacks all over Best Gore, they're just not the ones (((the media))) wants you to believe.

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You can see the iss from the earth

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You clan see a light in the sky, sure. I’ve done it.

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For a high tech society with good telecommunications infrastructure, we sure have a lot of camera malfunctions and no images of events of any kind.

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Really? There are more UFO videos than ever. There are new legitimate UFO every day. By legitimate I mean unedited footage. UFOs can range from secret aircraft to ball lightning to weather balloons to satellites and possibly even visitors if you are so inclined.

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that's because everyone is staring downwards and into the damn phones all the time, I go walking in the wilderness a lot and I would say the majority of people I meet have their phones in their hand and check their status every couple of minutes

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It isn't the wilderness if there is cell reception.

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They're staring at their phone waiting for the signal to come back. They are unable to function without that signal. Beep boop.

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They know about the better cameras so they got better at hiding. One HD photo and it would be all over for them.

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This guy knows what he's talking about lol

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