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white civilization in springtime can be glorious indeed.

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Small towns, man. Small towns. They have their ups and their downs. The OP is definitely romanticizing the ups, but justifiably. Weather has a more special place in small towns. The downs, however, are that in a place where everyone knows your name, everyone also knows your business, and for most of the people, it's everyone else's business that's going to be what's interesting.

The only plus side that I can see to city living is that there are different "scenes". Some can be avoided, and you can pursue others. You can re-create yourself in a city.

In a small town, there is one scene. If it is goes well for you, you're having a good time. If it goes bad for you, you're having a bad time. There's no re-creating yourself in a small town.

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Poetic stuff there. Doubtless you’re correct. Personally, a loner and a Johnny Come Lately. What grabs me is the civility in crowds (not on the roadways) and low key go about your business in peace vibe. Where there are brown people, they act right because everybody around them is doing so too. Cities have more to do as you say, but I’ve partaken of what they have to offer and have had my fill. Different for young ‘uns, again as you say. The web has opened up the world wherever we are, so no feelings of isolation hereabouts in the sticks. Nice to hear your thoughts.

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This is why it's important to be involved in your local community. Anyone who is sitting at home when they could be participating in social events with other white people is wasting their potential.

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These are experiences I had at yard sales in the 80s as well. Pockets of civility like this still exist and have existed for decades. You just have to learn where to find 'em.

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The NC town I grew up in is still ~96% white and having yard sales and other community events to this day. Same goes for where I lived during college. I think it's probably why it took me a little while longer than it should have to wake up to the truth.

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Sounds more like an ethnostate then supremacy. Freedom of association should be a fundamental human right.

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It was an inalienable right, until the civil rights act. The CRA destroyed your right to association.

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Yep. This is basic identitarianism and freedom of association. OP probably just called it "white supremacy" because that's how a leftist SJW would see it

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If there are vehicles leaking oil in the street you have a taco nigger infestation.

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yeah I only let my car leak oil on my own driveway

check mate racists

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I tape down a piece of cardboard until I have time to fix the leak.

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Does that make you 1/2 taco nigger or 1/4 taco nigger?

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I sooooooo miss the America i grew up in.. the one described by nul

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Life is short. Move - it will cure what ails you. Did me. It’s still here, but you gotta move to it. It ain’t gonna come to you. Wipipple is rightpipple. Downside is winter, muds do not like the cold (Minneapolis is full of the Nordic genetics that for some unknown defective reason seeks out the darks), but a Caucasian’s gotta do what a Caucasian’s gotta do. Move.

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"Move" is saying "Give up your land, goy". Don't move. Fight for your shit. Nigger lovers move and allow pockets of niggerdome to take over. This is why the country is in the state it's in. Too many cucked nigger /spic loving pussies to chicken to stand up for what they say they believe.

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If you're recommending people move to Minneapolis I'm not sure what you're talkin about. Minneapolis is full of Muds due to the generous welfare. Lots of black gangs killing there. They even caught two Somalis operating a rape van a few years ago. And yes they were targeting white women.

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Michigan is cold 10 months out of the year - Dearborn MI is all but Muslim owned and ran: You will literally get trash and stones thrown at you with people saying "This is OUR fair" if you go to the county fair while white.

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We live in an upscale part of the city. At Halloween, vans drop off loads of kids because we give out the better candy. When we have yard sales, there's a legitimate traffic issue of hoopties and jalopies of wetbacks trying to get to the stuff first. The best part of it is, I used to throw this shit out, now I get paid to see the entertainment.

Having a yard sale coming up in two weeks!

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hire security. a swarm will come and rip you off while you are being distracted.

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Not needed. My resting bitch face is solid. People are normally intimidated by me.

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It has it's downsides as well. Whenever my wife and I do yard work, we get people that walk by and are curious. Lord help you if you have a contractor over doing some sort of work cause the entire dang neighborhood finds a reason to walk their dog/kids/old granny or they slow-roll past your house multiple times in their car while gawking. It gets annoying.

I know what you mean. I hate nosy neighbors but I'd rather have them then niggers, spics, gooks, dune coons, and jews living by me.

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We have a place just outside of a small town on a few acres. Yes, it's still weird for me to go to the gas station and bump into 2-3 people I know, but thankfully our neighbors live far enough away to not bother us all of the time. The guy across the street will occasionally stop by, other townspeople might stop by on a whim once a month if they see us outside and chat it up, but for the most part we're left alone.

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I had some super pushy asains at my yard sale and a jew who that tried to cheat me out of a 50 cents for an old conch shell nad he was driving a porsche SUV so not like he was poor .. Overall most customers I had were white a few nice families some weirdos. IT did seem like all tennageras are autistic now and won't look you in the eyes but that very well could be generational thing..

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Lol, I tell anyone I judge as inferior to me to fuck off with retarded shit like that, I would make fun of him and then smash the shell on the ground. My old lady would get mad while the guy called the cops because I would call him a gypsy or Jew. The cops would come and see it's me, be annoyed and leave once I demand they set up a perimeter to keep this creepy fuck that lives nearby away from my area of town. Anyways the cops stopped caring about calls they get for me because I demand they remove this fuck from my area, turns out if you whine harder than the other babies they will ignore both sides.

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and then smash the shell on the ground

based as shit

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bahah I did almost smash the shell but his wife came up with the dollar.

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turns out if you whine harder than the other babies they will ignore both sides.

Hahaha hilarious. You sound like a funny dude

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That... is... so.... BADASS!!!!

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Many teens are mostly zombies addicted to their "smart"phones who lack social skills needed in a civilized land.

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Those are the ones who take after millennials. The ones who take after gen-x are sociable and friendly - encourage them!

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