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We all know shrinks are mostly jew faggots. Thanks for bringing it full circle.

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Oh my God... Am I a commie mudslime nigger kike faggot this whole time??


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If I declare that I venomously hate multi-millionaires, will I somehow magically become one? Somebody please tell me how I can get that to work out that way.

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You don't like brussels sprouts so that must mean you must really want to get fucked by a brussel sprout.

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Green Giant.

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I hate niggers don't make me a Nigger (Thank God) or Joo or anything but if you hate Fags you must be 1, The Left a work

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Don't talk with your mouth full, smollett.

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Don't downvote him guys. Maybe he only read the title.

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All the guys who called others fags in school... well: that was actually their mating call. Sorry to break it to you. I'm the 80s

Nowadays the faggots have come out of the woodwork. So new mating calls have been developed.

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I'm the 80s

Hi, I'm the 80s. I'm dad.

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Lololol. Some typos are meant to be