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General Franco, the leader of Spain, after their Civil War (fought against Communists posing as Socialists) blamed a Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik conspiracy, of trying to ruin Christian Europe. Where do these people come up with this shit, amirite?

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Oy vey, who knows.

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You know, I've heard the same thing being peddled by various other nationalists throughout history. Hell, I've even heard of some people in leftist movements say similar things. I think it's totally weird for them to come up with the same stuff, right?

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What a bunch of tropes, bugaboos and canards.

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Judaism is a religion of tribal self worship and the destruction/enslavement of all others. This man was/is right, amd will be as long as Judaism continues.

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The world is just fucking sickening. People are so brainwashed that whenever they encounter one who criticizes the kikes for what they are and do, they automatically think conspiracy theorist. The truth doesn’t want to sink in most people.

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I always ask myself: Why? Why are they so stupid? Don't they know Europe is the best home they've ever had? If they destroy Europe and America, where will they shelter? It's a pretty big gamble assuming Israel could survive without US support.

[–] big_fat_dangus ago 

Kalergi Plan my dude, read up on it

[–] SPQR_Roman ago 

The long con of destroying white people by Jewish hands will result in shit skins having the global population by the balls. But as they shitskins notice without whitey in power there's nothing getting done in government, work, science, etc. So they will allow Jews who resemble white people to hold power. That's when the Jews get the earthly kingdom they think they oh so deserve as the Torah says goyim

[–] TheSeer ago 

Kaiser Wilhelm, of Germany, appears to have figured it out when he was like 80, in 1941. Of course all that means is that he is accused of being 'anti-Masonic anti-Semite' these days.

[–] rusengcan ago 

The jew is going to get a real holocaust soon enough if they keep up the Bolshevism

[–] Onlio ago 

The only thing worse would be if they LOVED it. For instance, the LOVE the US. And there as many here in the US as there are in Israel. Maybe we should be making them want to go somewhere else

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they love the US like a kid loves his piggy bank

at the end, the kid shatters the bank and takes the money out

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