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Got to be more alpha. The blacks are high testorone low iq. Women love dumb muscle guys. For them they get a guy who looks like he has alpha status and they feel superior to them because the guys are fucking idiots. The women think they can change them and make them a better man etc etc.. what they dont know is the low iq high T male which i call grey people dont give a fuck about them even if they are hot. They literaly are like dumb blonds they just go through life fucking women over then one day they are 30 fat no job zero real world alpha status and they still dont care they just keep floating through life but now they fuck fat ugly bitches.

But its the not caring and treating these women like they dont care.( which they truly dont care) that attracts the hot girls because guys like you do the wrong thing and tell them how much you like them and how pretty they are thry have been hearing this for their entire lives and it bores the fuck out of them. Now this stupid low iq nignog comes along makes fun of her calls her stupid doesnt call her back boom 15 year old hottie loves that shit. Ive witnessed it countless times in my life.


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I tried the don't care/don't act too interested route already and nothing. I just feel cursed to be alone for the rest of my life and I'm not sure how much longer can I take it. I had a hard life but my one big hope was finding a wife and starting a family but now that hope is diminishing.


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Work out. Lift weights. Find a hobby. Be social. Dont be scared. That thing you call a hard life is in the past. If i knocked on your door tommorrow and said hey im a millionair im hiring you to be my asssitant we are going to travel and do some awsome job. Ok if that happend how the fuck would anything that happend in your past affect you and you new job? It doesnt.

Dont let your past ruin your future. Walk tommorrow pick up a hobby almost any hobby guess what their is a girl out their that does that hobby as well. Good luck dont give up unless your a jew then fuck you go back to isreal


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women like persistence, my man. i've been turned down by girls before, only to hook up with them later on. and i'm talking like a year down the road later. the worst thing you can do is to sulk about being rejected the first time. nothing in the world dries up their clams faster then to let her know that she hurt you. it all boils down to biology. as men, we're the providers in a relationship. and it's not just a matter of providing stuff like food and shelter, but also a positive attitude and sense of humor. 99% of a woman's attraction to you is emotional. looks have very little to do with it. and if you can make her laugh, you're fucking gold to her. of course it doesn't work all the time, but sometimes the patience pays off and one day you get that magical text from her out of the blue, "hey, wanna come over?"