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brainwashed white woman gets killed

white woman has no value

Subtle. Definitely dont hate (((the ones))) that brainwashed her into beastiality, definitely dont hate the men in her life that have failed her; no, hate the one that is brainwashed :^)

Anti-white scum. All of you.


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Hey moron, if you're dumb enough to fall for propaganda and not check for yourself, then your IQ is too low or you have no survival instincts. You are a lemming and we can't hold your hand your whole life because you are a liability, a danger to yourself and others.

You'll be one to let these shitskins in and you deserve nothing less than paying the toll for your actions.


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Someone who is a fan of Kalergi would say that.

Fascism is truth in nature, its a natural hierarchy. Its realising that both men and women have their own nature - and that the nature of women is that of groupthink and hightrust. It takes 24/7 propaganda to pull women and men away from their own nature. I blame more so the men that have failed these women, for the reasons that its the mens duty to provide a secure and stable environment for their wives and children. While women provide a nurturing environment for their husbands and children.

Two different natural attitudes. You can not blame women for falling for carefully designed traps exploiting their nature. If there is no mongrel offspring yet, there is every reason to defend your women. She is 16. This is not a fullgrown 42 year old depressed slut, she is 16. Where is the father, her brother? Where are the men? She is 16.

The love for your people should be infinitely greater than any hatred you might feel.

But again, i dont expect a Kalergi-fan to understand.