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That is because you are white. Try thinking like a jew: death of child = shekels. They do it all of the time. [Anne Frank]


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A Kike would sell his children into sexual slavery if it benefited them in even the slightest way.

Don't believe me, just look at all the Kike whores in porn, it's not by accident.


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This reminds me of a commercial for life insurance that I saw. They are pushing it as a good idea to give life insurance as a baby shower gift. Is... is that a normal thing that I just never heard of? I know I don't want to be the poor son of a bitch explaining to a hormonal pregnant woman why I'm giving her something to make her think about her unborn kid dying. No thanks. Pretty sure they used a dead kid in a super bowl ad too. Most if not all insurance is fucking (((bullshit))), especially the mandatory kind of insurance, but that's a whole other post.


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Eventually people like this will be filtered out of the gene pool,and the only white people left will be proud, angry, and capable.


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Peak boomer

Edit: Hope you guys don't think I'm talking about /u/oligarchsalamander ... I'm talking about the EU official who bowed down to the migrant.


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It’s all good