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Hard to feel sorry for her but then again shes young dumb and blasted with propaganda. Her parents are the failures for not warning her of niggers, and you can bet theyll be retarded enough to still not realize the problem even after their girl is dead.

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That is because you are white. Try thinking like a jew: death of child = shekels. They do it all of the time. [Anne Frank]


[–] 18542069? ago 

Eventually people like this will be filtered out of the gene pool,and the only white people left will be proud, angry, and capable.


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Peak boomer

Edit: Hope you guys don't think I'm talking about /u/oligarchsalamander ... I'm talking about the EU official who bowed down to the migrant.


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Her parents probably did fail her. But even if they hadn't, they can only do so much before she goes off to school and gets victimized by the propaganda arm "teachers" who are paid to brainwash her. And even as she gets older and wants to rebel and act out, it's carefully managed by the media so she never rebels against what she should, it's against everything "right" and straight into the spider's web. I'm not happy she's dead, but better her than a girl who had been raised right.


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Kids rebel because of the public school indoctrination system. When you raise your kids yourself, allowing for them to make mistakes themselves and not too strictly, they have nothing to rebel against.


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Her parents probably did fail her.

Interestingly, he also shot her mother. She's in the hospital, daughter is dead.


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Difficult for me to understand. Black men repulse me. The idea of screwing one is repugnant. Just a gut reaction.


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I'll never understand how a woman of any race can be with a black man. They might as well rub a turd between their legs.


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It's going to take something drastic to change things. Children are taught lust means love, if they're taught anything at all. When 13 reasons why is a generational guidestone....