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^^^ wife material!

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I stay the fuck away from cities now. It's not even the niggers, in Dallas they behave because they know better (harsh Texas laws, regular executions) and I didn't have much issues with them. It's the Jews that enable and encourage their bad behavior. Niggers were never a problem until Jews started putting this idea that they deserve something for nothing and that criminal/violent behavior is justified against whites. When we used to beat the fuck out of them and hang em high, nobody was complaining about niggers.

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E Michael Jones book “slaughter of cities” talks about how the Jews used niggers as pawns to break up catholic and Christian control of the cities under the guise of Integration in the 60’s. It’s worth checking out regardless of how u feel about religion.

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Oh yes, I'm very familiar with Jewish blockbusting tactics. They love to play this game to divide whites and make enormous profit selling cheap tract houses on shitty foundations, with tons of strip malls selling Chinese Garbage.

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Absolutely, if we ever take back control this is how we need to deal with the shitskins. Let them stay but the second they slip up they get the rope.

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Lol I was living in downtown atlanta

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Honestly they would be better off if we removed the shittiest of them from every generation like we used to.

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Well it would occur naturally if we let it. The bad ones will get killed the decent minded ones will work

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BTW, you're one of us now, all you see is shit everywhere and wonder when Hitler will be back. Lol.

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Ain't even white and this " race washing" shit pisses me off. I saw Hamilton on a Facebook live stream. The only white person was of course the "oppressive" king of England. Everything else with niggers and spics. They couldn't even be bothered to find ones that looked remotely human.

Jews do this shit all the time and also inserting faggots and trannies into everything.

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(((Who))) do you you think owns (((Broadway)))?

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Welcome to kikeopolis.

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You're a literal murdoch-chan. Find some guy on here to date.

Related point, is there a subverse for that? There should be.

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I don't think so but it normally gets posted when a new one comes out.

Speaking of, there's a new one out today.

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[link needed]

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Hamilton is just racial gaslighting of American history. It was made by a spic who wanted to portray America "as t is now" instead of how it used to be (meaning he doesn't want White people in it). I remember seeing liberal faggots obsessed with that play before I found out what it was.

Whites need to take back the arts.

I agree. Painting, music, television, comics, radio, anything and everything that can be used for entertainment needs to be taken back/given a pro-White spin. I'm sick of leftists thinking that they're the "creative ones" while some right-leaning people either outright ignore or show disdain for the very idea of entertainment/pop culture. These things shape how people view the world so it's important to take it back!

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It's because the left produces nothing but trash when it comes to creative endeavours, but they are massive attention whores so they get all the recognition. People on the right who produce things, produce masterpieces, but because they aren't attention whores who sell out to the lowest common denominator, they get ignored.

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The media is what needs to be "taken back". And that is what we are doing here.

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