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There is so much truth to this. The power structure is Masonic but then you find that Freemasonry is based on the Kabalah and then oy vey!

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User name checks out!

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What the zoomers fail to realize is how information which is accessible today wasn't back then and how deeply hidden the (((problem)) was at start of internet.Even if you found out about some groups, (((they))) where mentioned no where not even if the most UFO savvy depths, just some reptiles or interdimensional beings. But (((not them))). Called it Deep state..

Also how profound being political correct was and the trust in Governments actually existed back then at least in Europe. So wasn't easy to find the real cause. Strange at it seems today as its plastered all over the web literally.Can relate 100% to this pic. I suppose it's more difficult to control the larger flow of information like we have today. Also the older generations were more easily programmed with TV. Zoomers are lucky as I see it.

[–] Hand_of_Node ago 

When was "back then"? Who among us was not a Spotlight subscriber?

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The boomer becomes the doomer.

At least they know now.

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They don’t know, give me fuckin break. 99% percent of them are still blah blah blah low taxes, what me worry?

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I would argue that a person that says “it’s jews” has figured it out.

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Blah blah blah AARP. Blah blah blah dr. Shecklestein says... Blah blah blah I'm on 30 different prescriptions. Blah blah blah I had 10 surgeries last year.

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Probably bc they fell for the poor Israel commercials at 5 am on fox news and ha e donated thousands

[–] Hand_of_Node ago  (edited ago)

The Spotlight was a weekly newspaper in the United States, published in Washington, D.C. from September 1975 to July 2001 by the now-defunct antisemitic Liberty Lobby. The Spotlight ran articles and editorials professing a "populist and nationalist" political orientation. Some observers have described the publication as promoting a right-wing, or conservative, politics. sauce

Who here wasn't a subscriber? It was the jews, and it still is.

[–] GoylentGreen ago 

That was a little before my time, but sounds like it would have been better than any paper I’ve read.

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This is fucking hilarious

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And older than your account. Fuck is up with so many 2014-2016 memes lately.

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Being old makes Qoomers a tad slow.

[–] Korinthian 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

What's true then is still true now. And as long as it continues to be true, the memes will be recycled until they're no longer needed.

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David Icke says there are no "victims".

Except jews of course. He says they are "victims". Of people who he says don't practice judaism. He says they are victims. Even though there are no victims. Oh, and the not-sees are the enemy of humanity.

The poor, poor jewish victims.

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David Icke is SUCH a shill.

A lot of stuff he says is true, but then he mixes it with "the lizard people who live inside the hollow earth"

He's hardcore disinfo, basically Europe/MI5's own version of Alex Jones.

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member for 11 days...…………...sounds like a "shill" to me. Tread lightly Goats. I don't trust this nigger faggot besides why would it take anybody 20 years to figure out it is the Jooos ?

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There's a lot of new accounts karma farming by recycling old material. Don't fall for it; anything that reinforces the echo chamber seems to be skyrocketing to the top lately; few people are checking account ages or shilling techniques before upvoating, it seems.

[–] Plavonica ago 

why would it take anybody 20 years to figure out it is the Jooos ?


The ability of the people to congregate and share information wasn't always around.

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It has been around for at least the last 10, I figured out (with help) that it was the Joos back in oh hell more than 10 years ago.

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This is basically me. Only it wasn't 20 years of course. It was only 1 year.

And I started with the Rothschilds. Some documentary about how they made their money.

[–] Honkler_The_Third ago 

This is me, but over the past 6 months. I took the accelerated pill dose.

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if it takes you twenty years of researching to discover the jews did it, either your not very good at research or you intentionally wasted your time

[–] TheSilentCitizen ago 

Masons,Elks,Moose Lodges(to an extent) VFW,American Legion....then you got Knights of Columbus...so many compromised groups to support the power structure....Ok BRB there a helicopter outside my house and some guys in black gear at my door

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