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Top tier qt, hunter, willingly dropped out of this degenerate society to start a new life.

So what's wrong with her? Is she taken, a coal burner, infertile, a carpet muncher, ect.?

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I heard she worships Easter.

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Fucking Easter worshippers.

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yeah she does gives up that kind of vibe,though i would bang her anyway

[–] Duchozz ago 

Total dyke

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Daily Mail Sauce

Cute girl, single. Seems normal and just enjoys the quiet country life.

[–] thebassdude ago 

In one article photo she's showing a loaded Ruger 77/22 magazine. Must be pretty small deer if the gamekeeper is using a .22 rimfire.

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White boomer faggots need idols, they will create them even if they are fake, the girl probably hunts once a year.

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one of you incles should do your pushups and then move to that island...

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How many pushups a day would I have to do in order to marry a qt3.14 hunter girl?

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100 at a time

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what ever exercise it takes to raise your testosterone levels to "man"

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[–] andrew_jackson ago 

Based as shit. Any young buck that claims that they can't meet a girl, now has no excuse. I should really screen shot this.

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She's a keeper!

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I'm a woman and I'm so fucking impressed by this girl. Wish I'd had the guts to do it when I was her age.

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I'm a woman

Good for you...

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Good for you...

i get the reference Lol

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I'm a man and wish I did as well. I've dreamed of this for decades. I'll probably wait until my kids are out of the house before actually pursuing it, though I wish I could afford to do it earlier so I could raise my kids in the wild.

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If they're still 'in the house', you still have your chance to raise them in the wild. "We lived in a house and went to school like regular kids, then one day our dad got a wild hair and moved us out into the wild."

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I'm starting a group. I'm not leading the group, but I am starting it.


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Good luck to you! I hope you get to live out your dreams.

Kind of sad you got so many upvotes and because I'm female all I got was "show your tits slut." I'm new on this site so it's good I can go ahead and figure out who the assholes are right?

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Show us your tits you fucking slut

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I'm afraid they'd over-shadow your pathetic little dick you fucking incell

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bye bye FBI

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Maybe she found out politics is completely Jewed and decided to go hunting instead.

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Uncle Ted would be proud

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funny how a young independent girl, who can hunt and field dress her own kill and stand on her own without a man wouldn't be celebrated by the left and feminists around the world. Isn't this the type of equality they've been telling us about. P.S. - Now go make me a sammich

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I bet her sandwiches are super tasty made with the meat she killed.

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Just a small comment... that photo of her... with the perfectly combed and soft almost... "CONDITIONED" hair... that aint happening in nature!!! Come on now.

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Egg conditioner. Old secret of country wamyn.

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