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The UN literally is the enemy of every white person on the planet.

The United Nations will have to be removed from the planet because we aren't going to co exist.

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UN stands for uninvited niggers, I'm now sure of it.

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The UN and the IWF.

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There are a few of those around, but they aren’t particularly effective.

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a few of those around

Like who?

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they are socially engineering people not have kids, inflating cost of living, villianizing men, spraying the skies with heavy metals (infertility), gmos all over (infertility), pushing porn, putting flouride in water (infertility), pushing feminism, pushing women in work place, destroying the family unit...they say, oh we need to replace you, not enough kids...

then at the same time they are saying there is an overpopulation issue...fuck this fag kike niggers.

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socially engineering people not to have kids,

Only white people

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because all of those hinderances only affect whites.

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Don't forget the increases in automation. Jobs being completely eliminated, yet we need to increase the population drastically for some reason.

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It's bizarre that people actually think that the Kalergi Plan etc are just "conspiracy theories" when it is all there to be seen, out in the open and in black and white.

I have shown people stuff like this in the real world and they don't respond. Their eyes just glaze over and they act like they haven't seen anything.

Bizarre. Like a Twilight Zone episode. Superficially, you would think they were sentient humans, but in reality...

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Because they think that all men are equal. They literally can’t bring themselves to admit that blacks and whites and asians and hispanic mestizos etc. are different types of people with different values and temperaments.

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Exactly. There is a cult of equality, and anyone who doesn’t join in is ostracized or jailed.

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They have been implementing the Kalergi plan.

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I have recently come to understand that the Kalergi Plan is just one part of a larger plan to roll back the Protestant Reformation.

Before mass printing and widespread reading and - as a result - the Reformation, there were no nation states, just an intermarried bunch of dynasties who ruled over Europe and fought between themselves using "their" ignorant subjects - loyal to them and not to a constitution or liberties - as cannon fodder and tax animals.

They are planning to go back to that. Worldwide.

That is also why they can't tolerate Christianity, because it is associated (since Luther) with freedom, liberty and the individual. Instead they want to import Islam. Much dumber and no history of dissent.

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jews: "the world is overpopulated, you goyim need to stop having babies!"

also jews: "oy vey, Europe's population is declining, better start importing infinity niggers, hehe"

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Did Jordan Peterstein work on this during his stint at the (((UN)))?

[–] sintaxi ago 

I think he worked on Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 by helping them disguise the commie talk.

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I think White and Japanese people aren't having kids because of a lack of job security. Japanese have it the worst, and it's not because they're "ultra conservative prudes". I think it's just that everything is so competitive, from high school to college to the job market, and Japanese men, like White men, don't expect a secure future. It's not just me, right? The 9-5 grind that boomers are so convinced is a privilege sounds horrible in this economic and political climate. Maybe if girls had an ounce of respect for White and Asian men it would be different. Don't forget, 40 years ago girls looking to marry had fewer premarital sexual partners -- 1.6 on average as opposed to 4.6 today. This just corrupts them and makes them hate average men. White and Japanese men can't just perpetually swim uphill when the current keeps getting stronger. I think we need to start buying up the means of production...

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It's the US-pseudocapitalism aka neoliberalism that causes the systematic destruction of white people.

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