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"The number one cause of anti semitism is jewish behavior"


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"Don't listen to this Jesus fellow. The ChoPes dindu nuffin wrong." - Yaweh, צֹחַר, ṣōḥar (H6714)

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It's okay to be white.

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Hmm, I didn't know Jesus was on earth when the phrase "anti-semitism" was invented. You know, less than 100 years ago.

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"Wow you're a fucking genius"


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Is there a verse for that?

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Page 1 verse 1

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I agree. The Jews just do things that make them hated by all groups of people from all walks of life.

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Steinlight tried to tell them they were letting the goyim know.

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"nazi" stinks of anti-caucAsianism... who or whatever source utters, mentions, suggests, shouts, writes, announces, "nazi" is proclaiming, with hate speech, too be anti-caucAsian/anti-Asian ... bAbes wees gots caucasian-yiddish-gypsies who've scribbled a dirty-rule-book, the talMUD, that has numerous "rules" on how too dishonor/disrespect/deceive ALL other AsiAns.... hmmm, evidence suggests it's dirty-yiddish-gypsy-"jews" causing and sustAining the anti-caucAsian, "nazi", hAte speech... this trope is most likely pumped right from shitsrael!!! bees governings youselfs accordinglies!!!

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All those semi capitalized words gave me a brain aneurysm

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You should fix your A key.

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Perhaps, but the jews are so intensely anti-nazi that it causes some to assume that nazism must be at least somewhat virtuous, eventually leading to consumption of nazi literature and ultimately emulation.

It helps that the nazis themselves went out of their way to try and learn from the very same human history that you reference.

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I think it’s pretty clear that nazism is peak virtue for the past hundred years

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Yeah, I'm convinced at this point that nazism is just what happens when a group of people try to re-learn and implement as many correct things from white historical records as possible simultaneously before the jews can get to them. Goodness knows they openly admired the roman empire, though I think the italians did more-so directly than the germans.

I don't think they even had good enough tech to confirm their theories on genes, but our advanced tech ended up proving them correct posthumously. which means their assumptions based on observation and extrapolation were accurate!

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Not everyone is NatSoc but the philosophy is logically sound.


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It's a non-ideology, a statement not of hypothetical causality but instead of priorities. First comes the family, then comes the nation, then comes the market, then comes the world.

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That doesn't make you a nazi though. Nothing with what you said makes you have anything to do with 1940's Germany.

You simply share similar beliefs, because you are a realist and acknowledge reality and the culprits behind a lot of bad shit.

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"There were plenty of reasons to hate Jews before the Nazi party was founded in 1920."

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The fact that "anti-semitism" is even a coined term is preposterous. There are many ideologies or cultures wherein a particular group isn't enjoyed. This doesn't mean anyone particularly occupies a position of hatred, and especially violent hatred, it merely means that they wish to invoke or promote ideas or policies which counter said group they don't agree with.

This tactic is plain to see: its a shame game. It's about stamping out dissent. This concept alone proves that there are people in power with obvious "Jewish" heritage who wish to stifle said dissent. The real question here, however, is to what extent "Jewish" people are involved in the regime and its subsidiaries.

While I don't agree that "Jews", which is a term too ambiguous to describe the people we want to describe regardless, necessarily control everything from the top of the totem pole (I know, I know, it's suppose to be the bottom but let's ignore that for the sake of the saying itself), someone that questions whether or not they over-represent themselves will undoubtedly be sadly mistaken to discover just how true that situation is.

The issue here that this post seems to be addressing is the supposed "nazi" presence here. The truth is that a vast majority of those LARPing as "nazis" are doing it to make us look like we're crazy, that we deny reality and that our truths are not to be listened to. This is a tactic used by (likely largely journalists) plenty of people in plenty of ways, but the ultimate goal is basically to make us an easy target for smear which will undoubtedly be used to dissuade anyone curious enough to venture off the reservation from setting foot in a place like this.

They're simply changing the definition of the word "anti-semitism" to anchor socializing dissent in the typical populace.

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Nazi is meaningless. Nazi (also the cognates Nazism and Neo-Nazism) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden a kike (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism

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The nazis embraced it though.Whether it was meant to smear national socialists or not, they definitely used the word themselves, as can be seen in movies back then.

Even in propaganda movies by the nazis themselves, they referred to themselves as nazis. Like in "Hans Westmar"

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Islamic countries especially hate Jews

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