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They are so fucked.... NEVER EVER EVER EVER TALK TO THE COPS...

"Thankyou for your concern officer, I will be on my way"

"I have no comment on any of this, I will be on my way"

"I cannot comment on this at all and am not sure I understand the question. Thankyou for your time."

"Under the 5th ammendment I am not required to continue this conversation, please contact my attourney, I will be on my way"

A lot of fuckers died for The Constitution. ... USE IT.


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I highly recommend watching this if you haven't seen it already.

Hope you'll never need this advice and it's worth paying attention to.


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You don't even have to say that much. Be silent and comply. Sue later if need be.


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Just so they don't shoot you because we all know cops and fbi are such well trained individuals, give them basic info like you're name ect then tell them you won't be speaking to them politely, yeah it's the cuck way to do things but if you remain silent they will take that as admission of guilt, there is no law for them. Remember that.


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Yes you do. Supreme Court said that silence must now be declared. No joke.

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Your friend is a weak fucking faggot and the reason things are so shit now, you deserve each other.