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The FBI are domestic terrorists and enemies of the Republic.

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They've subjugated our Democracy

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Our Deomcracy Democratically-elected Republic

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They are so fucked.... NEVER EVER EVER EVER TALK TO THE COPS...

"Thankyou for your concern officer, I will be on my way"

"I have no comment on any of this, I will be on my way"

"I cannot comment on this at all and am not sure I understand the question. Thankyou for your time."

"Under the 5th ammendment I am not required to continue this conversation, please contact my attourney, I will be on my way"

A lot of fuckers died for The Constitution. ... USE IT.

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Invidio.us link for above

I highly recommend watching this if you haven't seen it already.

Hope you'll never need this advice and it's worth paying attention to.

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You don't even have to say that much. Be silent and comply. Sue later if need be.

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Just so they don't shoot you because we all know cops and fbi are such well trained individuals, give them basic info like you're name ect then tell them you won't be speaking to them politely, yeah it's the cuck way to do things but if you remain silent they will take that as admission of guilt, there is no law for them. Remember that.

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Yes you do. Supreme Court said that silence must now be declared. No joke.

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Your friend is a weak fucking faggot and the reason things are so shit now, you deserve each other.

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This anon should've let them talk. He should've pretended he wanted to talk, and let them ask questions- the questions they ask can be used to glean information.

He might've been able to find out what the fuck this is all about. But now he's just left with confusion.

On second thought, the anon doing the filming seems... kind of slow, doesn't he? Not full on retarded, but not really a sharp guy. Maybe it's best that he didn't try to get some info, because he seems like the kind of guy who could be easily manipulated by trained interrogators.

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Slow? Well, he'll be an FBI patsy arrested with a trunk full of fake explosives sold to him by a UC agent in front of a courthouse or some shit soon. Thank God they're here to stop the fake terrorists they create.

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And they'd use this video he recorded as evidence that they visited him under suspicion for the terror attempt they'll pin on him.

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he talked too much. these criminals will use ANYTHING you say against you. they are not your friends and even entertaining the idea of being a paid informant is spineless. you betray your people, and you side with an enemy that would arkanside you and probably enjoy it. no win situation, Bridges burnt, snitches get stitches and all that jazz

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Noticed they are using a certain tactic with those that video tape. They purpously flash their ID's in front of the camera before mentioning they cant legally record or photograph the ID's. Those that don't cooperate will likely be set up for crimes that way.

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entertaining the idea of being a paid informant is spineless.

It is. But finding out that these guys want to pay you to somehow fuck over someone you know is good to know. You don't have to entertain the idea. Did you see how the lead agent perked up when he was asked about "What's in it for me?"

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Guy in the video sounds real standoffish and stupid. "State your presence", Jesus dude.

How about "hey fellas, how can I help you? gee, not sure what you're talking about. do you mind if I record this conversation, since I am speaking with the FBI and all?"

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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Yeah, but at a certain point you have to remember that the FBI is there to fuck you over in any way they can. You can be nice to them all you want, but they still might frame you for a crime to get a promotion or just to use you as an example to strike more fear into normal citizens.

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That's one of the reasons I suggest he is kind of "slow". Autistic, perhaps? Total lack of social awareness- check. And considering he is a chan user... well, there's like a 75% chance he has the turbo-tism, right?

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Kill 'em with kindness. "I'd love to help you, agents, but I can't help you if I don't know the subject you're asking me about. Can I get ya'll a glass of water, or a snack? Hot out there today, isn't it?" Little things like this go a loooong way in any social interactions, even when dealing with someone who is acting in a professional capacity.

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As mentioned, it's probably his first time dude.

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I mean, that's good advice but you could pretty much tell it's homeboy's first rodeo. I'd say he did pretty good for a freshman effort. Not all of us get interrogated on a weekly basis.

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Yep, this is intimidation tactics.

Your spicy memes are too much for us, so all we can do is threaten you to silence via implied reprisal using state supported violence and Minority Report tier "Future-Crime" Red Flag laws.

Congratulations FBI, you are now the KGB.

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No, CIA is KGB,, FBI is Gestapo.

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great video except for the part where the uploader takes a dig at Gen Xers. we got jewd just like you guys, some of us just didn't wake up as early cuz no interwebz. but I support all aware younger Gentile generations in their anti-ZOG efforts

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Same as the other video. I'm guessing american authorities have just realised that they have 0 control over what happens on the internet so they're just sending these FBI interns en masse to investigate nothing.

The other guy mentioned having reported something previously as well. Maybe they're just sending people to talk to people that have previously reported stuff to the FBI?

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This is the scenario. Some random shooting happens somewhere in America. No real info yet. Agents at the fbi are like "what about that guy who called in last week? Maybe he knows something" and then they show up at the door asking questions to a guy who has no idea whats going on. First its friendly, then if they are under pressure to from bosses to come up with something, they start intimidating the guy.

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My thought as well

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If this ever happens to you record it and dox those motherfuckers. It is a powerful weapon that will make them very unconfortable.

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"Anonymity for me, not thee" is what they're attempting to practice here.

"We door-knock you, you don't door-knock us."

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Definitely do not expose their family, either, that would be really bad.

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Why so many of them? By their numbers they communicate either fear or a desire to bully.

I love the part, "but don't film this." Okay! <posts to YouTube>

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I love the part, "but don't film this."

I listened to that part twice- he was saying "Don't film the ID I am showing you". That is suspicious as fuck. What information is on your badge/FBI identification that is illegal to film? What if the filmer has a shitty memory, and can't memorize a fucking badge number on the spot?

I AM STARTING TO THINK A LOT OF THESE "FBI AGENTS" ARE IMPERSONATING FBI AGENTS. Remember the Roger Stone raid? How the CNN truck showed up like an hour before the agents did? That shit glows in the dark. I think there are CIA or some other glow in the dark agents running around out there pretending to be FBI/IRS/ICE for whatever nefarious reason. It's so bizarre to me that "Don't film my ID" is something that creep would say.

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I have a theory that Spook/Intel shit is a boom industry like the internet used to be.

They're in full expansion mode. Recruiting has gone wide, drawing operatives and actors from everywhere.

As a development of the Shill Army phenom of the past several years, except these are boots-on-the-ground operators.
Like shills, they're not very powerful and not independent, and not very effective, but because the "investment capital" is there and easy to access, why not just build up this creepy army of bureaucratic automatons and just see how they can be deployed against "enemies of the state".

So you start seeing these junior STASI/KGB types here, sent out door-knocking with some kind of lower-class/sub-ranking FBI ID. Then further, broader increases of recruiting pools to start weirder programs like Gang Stalking (another KGB psychological warfare tactic), where the "Spooks" are recruited with a high degree of separation from the agency itself. Essentially just low-conscientiousness civs who are willing to show up at a designated, anonymous office front, get an assignment and a phone, then follow random civilians around all day. Not to confront. Not to engage. Not take notes. Just follow. And be ready to peel off for another target at a moment's notice - again with no larger objective than just to follow a stranger. Stanford Experiments as an easy day's work and quick pay in an increasingly fucked employment landscape.

Is it "fighting evil"? Is it a form of low-key harassment knowingly directed at a problematic individual? Is there any real goal to it at all? Is it really a way of slowly normalizing and building a vast web of civilian drones* willing to just do what the anonymous voice on the phone tells them for a low level of pay? No agency credentials needed. No official standing at all. But still part of the "army". A low level, but vast army of human Skinner Box rats.

*think the other recent phenom of crisis event actors called in via Criag's List and other Central Casting style recruitment services for political operations or just fill out an empty political rally.

I suspect they've been building a secret police-state apparatus, and now they're starting to deploy it.
Like Yuri-era Soviets. The idea is to make the dissidents and normies less sure of their fellow citizen and to normalize door-knocking visits like OP. And to know that should the political class want the pretest for further clamping down on freedoms and rights, they'll just fake a crisis event using patsies to get what they want.

"Don't film the ID I am showing you"

As speculated above, this could be some new type of ID. Not a full agent. Some new designation that indicates they're essentially out of some local "civilian harassment department" of the local FBI office. Extremely low-ranking public servant type of authority at best. Hasn't gone through full FBI training. Would never pass on merit anyway. Hired for this single job of public intimidation. Because why not, it's a boom industry. It's easy money from eager "investors".

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The don't film this part is in the other video too. Seems like a tactic they use against people recording. Flash the badge on the camera then let the person know they just committed a crime without knowing it. Likely if he doesn't talk they will use that to try and leverage info out of him.

[–] prairie ago 

I'd definitely be suspicious of anyone claiming to be such-and-such (FBI, police, bank employee, my insurance agent, a relative) and wanting something from me due to this claimed position.

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