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I've noticed second seasons tend to suck because the Jews have to infiltrate anything that becomes popular. Stranger Things was a good example, they have to introduce a mixed-race relationship and there's an extremely awkward episode when Nancy and Jonathon go to some Jews house where she cheats on her boyfried there.

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the original actors are all jews ffs

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I've noticed this too... the more popular the show, the quicker it gets jewified, and your timing is right too. Most popular shows are still (just) watchable in the second season, but definitely not past this.

Battlestar Galactica is also a prime example of this phenomenon. As it was so popular, it started to go downhill shortly into the second season.

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I have fond memories of the newer BSG. But then, I wasn't paying as much attention to certain (((things))) then as I am now.

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Just came out that the Duffer Bros stole the whole thing from someone else that pitched them the idea under the name "Montauk".
(Adding in a measure of Slender Man ideas I suspect, then walked those back because the rights had already been bought out, leaving too much of the original guy's content)

So, likely the 2nd season went to shit because they actually had to generate the ideas themselves.
Haven't bothered looking them up, but good odds they're jews.

And yeah, as the other commenter says, many of the cast are jewish playing small town whites.
And IIRC the scandal sites rumored that the red head in season 2 (underage) was impregnated by a producer.

That whole thing is a disgusting jew shitshow of degeneracy and subversion.
The blowback on the "Poo and the Crew" episode made for some fun threads though.

I'd argue 80% of the show's success was down to the main music theme anyway.

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Thats the one thing i dont understand about these forced elements. They are ALWAYS forced. The white girl and black kid kissing. Not just wrong but you can feel.the actors didnt want to do it. Each time the jeuden force some sort of concept into a show or movie that they think, maybe if they put it in a few more times, our and theirs actual reality will mirror this and start looking like this...

But many of us are repulsed by these details and elements, like white blood cells in the cuktural organism of our people. We know deep inside this is WRONG.

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The only real answer is just get rid of the TV altogether. Bout a week withdrawal and you'll wonder why you ever owned one in the first place. You'll have time to get to the project you've been putting off for months and realize in the long run its a total waste of time. Turn it into family and children time. Thats productive.

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And I know there is a lot of video game hate here, and of course most of your time should be spent outside or being productive or being with your family, BUT if you’re going to sit in front of a tv on a rainy day video games are generally much less Jewed/pozzed than basically any other media. The reason is that so many game companies and teams are Japanese and they don’t put up with that shit, nor do they even really care about putting any kind of moral narratives into their games other than “fight the bad guys.” They’re much more focused on gameplay and subtle storytelling. There are plenty of dildo games but they’re easy to spot basically before you even play them.

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I used to believe this but it's not true. Honestly almost anything that is an "escape" is counter productive. They are crutches for when things are out of your control but they're increasingly used to give up control willingly. In a hospital bed? Sure, read a book, play a game, whatever. Home from work and don't want to deal with your family? Now you're just making excuses and avoiding responsibility. I'm not saying I don't do the same but having children makes you realize how stupid all of that stuff is. I weep for those children who have parents that continue pursuing the escape.

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I'll reserve comment on the games and such, never played one, never will. I'll stick to the comment about TV in general……..its a waste of time. Anyone's time is better spent on productive activities with a general payout, family time, gardening, hunting and gathering have that payout. Set an example for your children and their friends, its worthwhile. That rainy day…..read.

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Japs may not be jewed but they can still be pretty degenerate. And half of their games are about hanging out with demons and fighting God. To be fair though Christianity isn't very big over there, it's more of a strange and interesting foreign religion to them.

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This is the only correct answer.

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I think the more interesting and useful conversation is what people are doing with their time without TV.

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I would agree.

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I have watched old shows and saw all the pozz I didn't before.

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It's easy to forget with nostalgia that the older shows and movies were riddled with propaganda too. They had to be more subtle, but it was still there and was what lead to today. Most of it is not good for us either, we'd have to pick through rather than assume by date.

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Watching old BBC shows is illuminating because they are 20 years ahead of our propaganda curve. They were doing muslim lover race mixing back in the early 1990's

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This. Plenty of early Hall Of Cost shit edged in here and there while they were still working out the specifics.

As I commented elsewhere, the jew facial types are easier to spot now too and they're fucking everywhere.

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Rugrats. Jew central. Never knew until I grew up. At least Cow & Chicken isn't pozzed.

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Yep. Norman Lear was quite open about trying to get across a political message in his shows. Even into the 1950's, while you will see a lot of good family values stuff, notice that extended family is almost completely absent from any of it, and the few shows that do display extended family have some sort of atypical family life (Andy Griffith for example: Sheriff Taylor has an aunt present, but his wife is dead).

Also, there is only a display of the "American" family absent any sort of ethnic moorings.

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I don't watch a lot of television but I have noticed that song lyrics are much, much worse. It's almost as if today's songs are written by retards

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It's all super simple and cut down, designed for direct subliminal programming.

The production guys at work play the radio and I can't stand it, the entire thing is like mind control with a little bit of synth backing.

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Heard a rap song on the radio yesterday, a solid 60% of the lyrics were "gimme that, gimme that, gimme that, gimme that"

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the music industry was destroyed completely about 10 years ago. music still exists, it's not promoted by the industry.

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All pop songs are written by two Jews iirc

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MASH without the laugh track is a gem. Klinger dressing up as a girl for a section 8 is funny because it's absurd, not normal. Show your kids MASH and they might aspire to become doctors later in life, like Hawkeye or BJ, solid role models.

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Although MASH the TV show was a dumbed down and sanitized version of the bitterly black pill movie. The movie is not appropriate for kids.

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I’ve been watching Sopranos for the first time. It’s only about 15-20 years old and the amount of hilarious racial slurs is so much higher than you would ever find nowadays. It doesn’t even really cast any judgment or condemnation on anyone for being racist. Everyone is just “Christ-killer this, sand monkey that, moulignon that.”

And anytime a lawyer or psychiatrist is involved their names are always Kupferberg or Goldstein etc. There’s a corrupt politician named Zellman and a slum lord named Shlomo.

It’s awesome!

It kind of has a subtle layer of Jewyness, make no mistake, but it’s harder to put one’s finger on.

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Just started watching it the first time myself. It's a pretty good show that couldn't be made today. Realizing the writers, directors, producers, and production staff are all almost entirely Jewish and HBO is a Jewish-owned and operated company, it goes to show that the pozz wasn't so deep back then because HBO's number one priority was to make money by getting high ratings. Back then, you had to pay extra for HBO. They had to deliver a show that the majority of America wanted to watch. The American public wasn't desensitized enough yet that they could overtly push their globohomo agenda.

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Yes, today Tony's "business partners" would be gay, black, hispanic and Asian plus butch lesbians.Bad guys would be white males with Anglo names.

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The only episodes I have an issue with are the one' with Jamal Ginsberg, the Hasidic Homeboy. Clearly, some kike influenced the brief relationship with him and Meadow.

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I actually started rewatching that recently too, definitely a great show that couldn't be made the same way today. A factor in that though is it was a lot about the time it was made

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Its hard to find a movie these days thst isnt pushing an agenda, has your loveable gay peoole, social engineering or witches which are good. I refuse to watch any of them snd often revert to my dvds of selected good wholesome movies.

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In fairness a lot of books have an agenda that they push and a lot of films are based on books. Literature is one way for someone to air their politics/viewpoint.

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Was just thinking that as I was watching The Twilight Zone yesterday. They sure don't make them like they used to. It's not a show that's heavy on dialog, but every line has weight and meaning behind it.

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News shows are all globalism, degeneracy, shock shock stuff, gore, and SJW politics ... they have lost the art of creativity and story telling

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