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This is what happens when society decides to pretend White men shouldn't run everything.

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Women kill their kids so their husbands don't get them shockingly often. It shouldn't surprise you that they would be willing to kill their nation for not giving them what they want.

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Solomon doesn't seem so wise anymore

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Imagine abolishing the law coz you didn't win, the electoral college, the Constitution, the presidency... Imagine being arrested for defending your country's border!

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it's the jews, retard

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Who is the group the jews are using to control men/west? It is the jews mostly controlling the women so, they're both at fault.

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It's interesting because Trump has done more for the Jews than any president in history. I think they're just running with the "media is bad" narrative to keep them after him to convince us he's "our guy". I prefer to look at actions rather than this rah-rah football sports style politics. We're still no closer to the wall yet 37 billion was given to Israel.

[–] CyanPower 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Agree, stop voting in billionaires that ran for fun and notoriety. I've yet to see a real candidate since Ron Paul, and he could have been shit also but it's the best I've seen. He was just woke on every issue, including socialized problems. He could have got in and given that talk though and been the same. President has very little power, and are owned by MIC.

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Disagree. I think that the energy sector backed a candidate that the media interests firmly opposed. Result? Media melt down. Reagan was like the first time this ever happened here. Trump the second.

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Both retard BOOMER phonies

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He is doing what he can to get the left into becoming antisemitic...

And it is already working pretty well.

He is pursuing Jewish interests, true, but they are open and direct and above all, publicly noticed. He is NOT pursuing Jewish subversion but countering that aspect wherever he can.

By priming the left for antisemitism and showing the tax paying right where their tax dollars go, he's doing what he can do to show everyone the problem. He's demonstrating who runs the show while dividing them into non Jewish left, Jewish patriots who want their state and Jewish subversives who want to remain hidden and destroy ours.

We now have the whole left skipping AIPAC, browns hating Jews, people with Trump derangement syndrome hating Jews now. It is a nice gambit. Jews absolutely hate getting noticed as an ethnic group and player in the game, as per Goebbels observation.

Yeah, we are hemorrhaging money to Israel. But we did since 1913, but since Trump, the Goyim know more than ever and the subversion is being pushed back. Mark my words, as soon as the media is fully broken and cannot control the narrative, the hemorrhaging of money will be stopped. It can't right now. It's just money, that's a secondary problem after being subverted and taken over.

I'm not saying trust the plan be quiet. But make noise and keep waking people up. But also imagine more creative solutions and convincing points than head-on 1488 from the first minute.

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You seriously are doing some mental gymnastics.

Typical Qtard fag.

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Jesus you're delusional. These aren't real "Jews" and they fucking hate us goyim.

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Billions in foreign aid to Israel is a brilliant fulcrum to split the left.

We are wasting hundreds of billions on shit, so these few don't make the problem much worse. What they do is dividing the left.

The left is not one Monolith, it is a hodgepodge of completely different ideas and ideologies that only temporarily allied because it looked to them as if the infamous white male is their common enemy. Aside from that, degenerates, Marxists, islamists, Zionists and power hungry deep staters have nothing in common. Not one bit. All these groups are herded and guided by mostly Jewish organizations and people who unite them into fighting for their causes.

Sending so many billions to Israel and talking very very loudly about it is cracking that. Islamists want Israel gone, so they break away. See Ilhan Omar. Immigrant invaders want the money for their own people, so they break away, too. See AOC. Deep staters need the money in the US to control the population, Zionists want it in Israel. Degenerates are then forced to look at ultra orthodox conservatives who receive their money without doing any pride parades.

You know what happens in a happy but big family as soon as there is a large inheritance to be distributed? That happy family turns into a cutthroat infighting real fast real hard.

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Lost me at "It can't right now."

Mid terms are safe are they? Fuck you and the Q you rode in on.

Trump is nothing but a, (joojoocum addicted) release valve.

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Imagine being so self confident and self aware that you aren’t even the slightest bit concerned at the ineffectual hate they harbor against you because they are too effeminate and weak to enact meaningful action against you, the individual. I may be called naive, perhaps justifiably, but knowing one’s own culpability and capability is all there need be to effect meaningful personal change. Everybody wants to rule the world, but my world is ruled by none other than myself and that makes a would be ruler angry, but their anger is none of my concern

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That's pretty badass actually.

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It becomes your concern when they finally think of a reason to march on your doorstep.

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bludgeoned to death with dildos.

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It really showed their hand.

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Leftists and Cluster B personality disorders are the same thing.

If a Cluster B can't win something, they have to sabotage everything in an attempt to get others to say "Oh alright, let's give it to you just so you shut the fuck up". Their entire mantra on life is "You're not the boss of me!" and they are constant attention whores.

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It's a distraction, Trump is controlled opposition (owned by kikes). Goats redpilled me on this. The media is trying to make you think that they're upset because they lost so you feel like a winner but the truth is that you lost. Proof is the 30+ billion dollars given to Israhell and the little fence being built because dirty jews didn't allow Trump to build a wall to make it easier for invaders to come to US.

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Then there's the whole capitulate at every turn deal, i.e. signing the spending bill

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Funny I have a 19 day old account shilling in that post now... Hmmm

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While I am in total agreement, it's not like the alternative would be any different. The fact is, we are beyond the point of democracy.

[–] Rellik88 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago 

21 day account. Hmm Nice try MEdia matter faggots.

[–] Rellik88 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago  (edited ago)

4 month old account.

Goats redpilled me on this.

Why did you speak about us in the 3rd?

[–] TheKnightOfGod 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I've been lurking for at least 2 years before making an account. I speak about goats (you're not included) as I see fit. What are you gonna do about it, bully me with words? Also, can't believe you posted this: "Crooked Hillary Is Still a Better Choice Than Dangerous Donald, submitted: 6/8/2016 7:12:46 PM, -14 points (+4|-18)" So a corrupted feminist, sandnigger lover, SJW, pro LGBTQ+ and married to a pedo is better than Trump? Fuck man, that level of evil.

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You know it's funny, I was doing a thought experiment, trying to make a non-partisan look at what's really wrong with the country.

Not education. Not even borders. Problem number one, IMHO? They media.

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Not the banks?

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I don't know. That's a good point.

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