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There's a reason people use "female" in that phrase. If they didn't, no one would give a shit.

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Who are the three fucking faggot jew cunts who downvoted this!!!

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It was two moslems and a tranny. Prove me wrong

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bernie sanders btfo

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Just call it genital mutilation maybe, don't even throw in the infant part, it makes it sound virtue signally.

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True, because it isn't only performed on infants.

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FGM is perfored on six year olds.

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Some retard cut part of my dick off when I was an infant. I think he's dead now. If I ever find him, I will KILL him.

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Why not call it child abuse? (infant genital mutilation is too much of a mouth-full)

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Child abuse is a far broader term.

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https://vimeo.com/316275787 I am spreading the word best I can

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Rouge Jew boy rages against his rabbis. Very entertaining presentation.

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He was kicked out of the college for that presentation (he worked there).

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If we can get people to open their eyes enough to see this the rest will be easy. Thanks for the link.

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Even if Sweden does most things wrong, stleast we dont cut of part if white babies dicks just because.

Honestly I think cut dicks look gross. Like a dried mushroom, as far as the hygiene claim everyone tosses around if you can wash your pits everyday you can wash your dick. Women wash their genitals I dont see how men would be able to figure it out aswell.

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sweden will be a country that mutilates both genders when it becomes all muslim, since that is what muslims do

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Just call it forced genital cutting.

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