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Doesn’t even warn anyone else, what a bitch.

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Or a hero. Think about all the niggers that guy could have killed.

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There was at least 6 in the video, and probably more behind the camera. It didn't look like a revolver but it was filmed with what appears to be walmart brand bottom of the barrel security cams. Could just be my eyes I guess.

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"oh shit.... hold up... hold up.... let me get my camera...."

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Wait a second, you're telling me she was selfish and not willing to put herself in danger to protect the rest of the tribe?

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When's the last time you saw a bouncer with a gun to shoot back with. They're meant for belligerent drunks with fists not shoot outs. That black guy who stuck in the corner until that dumb ass got close had the right idea given the unfortunate situation and he's a hero for it.

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Exactly. I totally agree with the fact women have no business in these kinds of jobs; they lack not only the physicality for it but also the mind frame.

But in this case, 99% of the men who are calling her out would have also ran.

You don't know what you are going to do in a scenario like this until it happens. It's very, very easy to talk about how bravely you'd disarm the perp.

I think there are multiple problems happening here. First of all, in a world with guns, ANY person charged with protecting other's safety in public should be armed, period. Second, they should be trained professionally in how to handle that weapon and an attack. Thirdly, they shouldn't be women.

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They tend to be overly large and slow, as well as used to such a status. Last time I encountered one, while incredibly drunk, I simply dodged under his arm, grabbed my girl's forgotten sweater-fuckifIreallyKnowWhatitis thing and then dodged him on the way out.

Big dudes aren't scary unless they actually know how to fight, otherwise they can't understand why they can't hit you while you beat the shit out of them.

It helps if you work out more than they do.

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Props to the guy. He went to the gun like a champ.

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Fantastic ambush. He saw the security bitch freak out and run, maybe heard the gun-nog say something around the corner, and he pressed himself flat against that little wall and waited... and as soon as the gun-nog came into view, WHAM! Decisive, forceful, violent attack, the defender able to get both hands on the hand holding the pistol.

I'd like to know how this story ended. Was anyone shot? Based on this footage, I'd probably wager that the gun-nog got dragged to the ground, gun taken from him, and roughed up for a while until the police arrived. But there's also a chance he was able to put a round into the defender.

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If that elbow landed as clean as it looked then there wasn’t any fight to be had. Nobody taking that to the chin and fighting back.

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I'd like to know if this guy had experience as a cop or was an off-duty officer. The situational awareness to see the bouncer's reaction and instantly go into a tactical mind frame is something that you train.

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It looks like the perp went to the ground and had his pistol taken away. Props the the fat nig for an actually good take-down.

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That elbow though . . . gtfo muthafucker

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White female bouncer and all niggers?

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She's fucking the bar owner.

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What organ does a woman have that allows her to perform a penetrating act of fucking?

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We all know why she's there.

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she looks like a Dominican

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She was there as a distraction while the real bouncer in plain clothes took care of business.

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Probably the best point in this thread. I bet bouncers get harassed and provoked into fights in these diverse bars. Having a plain clothes one gives you an advantage.

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Believe it or not, that's literally what it says to do in the SOP. No shit.

Step one: run

Step two: hide

Step three: call police

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In some jurisdictions, it is Run, Hide, Fight.

In NY it is ABC: Avoid, Barricade, Confront.

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It's expected that you will give your life to stay employed but also all of the liability is on you

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I don't entirety agree with you on this one, at least with the video. The real bouncer saw her reaction and knew something was up. There's a reason he's hidden behind a corner and she's not. She's nothing more than a decoy in a situation like this.

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yea the more you watch it you realize he was the bouncer...the first couple times i thought he was just a random bar patron but then why would he have that chair right by the door, and he didnt even a drink either.

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fair enough assessment.

would've been nice to alert the other patrons though.

She George Constanza'ed her way the hell outta there.

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