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Federal reserve is fiat bank. Taxes just reduced inflation.

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Taxes are extractive. Inflation devalues, it's a triple whammy.

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Nigs have displayed some uncharacteristic insight before me, when stoned out of their mind. It slows down their primal behavior to a point that they are sometimes capable of understanding, to a degree.

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Stoned Ape Hypothesis.

Mary Jane absolutely has the power to grant people insights they might otherwise not have access to.

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As if, weed makes you think completely average ideas are extraordinary

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I would say it merely grants niggers (who are brought up in a tribal culture that punishes or ignores intellectual progressiveness) social permission to actually speak their mind in an expansive way.

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Definitely. You need to smoke that gas, and then observe. Most people just get high and watch TV/listen to music, but when you are immeresed in nature, you will experience new insight.

It's like using a filtering mechanism to take information from light for example. If you filter out light in certain circumstances you can obtain a better image of a particular phenomenon. Photometry measures visible light, radiometry measures invisible light.

If your "sober" consciousness is like measuring visible light, then Drugs change your perceptive sensitivity so that your consciousness picks up on new and different information - the invisible light.

We may not need some of the information sensitivity that pharmacologically induced states of consciousness bring us in ALL circumstances, for the same reason we do not use a telescope to read a book. Drugs are tools of consciousness that allow us to have feelings and intuitions that would have been surpressed by the forward thinking anxiety of self/environmental control that arise from our fight vs flight response.

Our world has its problems, but drugs can shake up consciousness in a way that allows for massive deconditioning... But As men have gone blind attempting to see eye to eye with the sun, so have they gone mad seeking to pull the image of truth from nature's abyss...

Drugs aren't for everyone. Most people can't even handle food addictions.

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Sounds like Elon Musk talking about his company.

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Niggers are ALWAYS wrong....about everything.

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Puff more and you may learn to think.

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Hes also alive because unlike his own kind, black people, whites don't have the urge to kill every black person they see, outside.

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FINALLY one of these degenerate “hits blunt” memes that speaks truth!

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No shit

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