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Of course the women were in horror; even Bible study groups aren't immune to this and are filled with "ex-whores" who "found God" but somehow can't stop riding the cock carousel.

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God may forgive you but biology doesn’t.

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Revolving door of forgiveness.

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Ya they found god, at 35, broke, no husband, and a couple half breed kids in tow. Do you blame the white woman for being a no good whore, or do you blame someone she does not know, like some Jews, for being good at banking or some other gangster shit? Hard to take accountability. Better blame Jews. /s

Your all just vikings and neanderthals, and none of you take accountability for yourselves. That is why your so easy to beat. Stop letting your daughters live without accountability.

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Fuck you Shlomo.

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Way to speak the Truth sister. Most women despise the Truth.

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Feminists hate the truth. Feminists don't represent all women. They represent 20%. And of that,most don't agree with each other. But since there's no other voices speaking for women,they're the only ones doing it.

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That 20% is waaaay too low from my experiences.

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Pink Floyd probably isn't a Bible study topic.

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How can you have food when you haven’t finished your work?

You can’t have ANY food until you suck my communist dick!

~ Justin Trudeau

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If more women could start spreading this message maybe we could put a dent in the number of women that think they can waste their 20s chasing a career, then waste their 30 chasing the family they could have had in their 20s.

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Bible study? With women? Jesus Christ what the fuck. Tell the men there that you'll be hosting a Bible study at the gun range every week followed by a shooting lesson.

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OP is gurl

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7 day account. Probably doesn't know about Voat's favorite tradwife and role model for women.

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Thanks for fighting the good fight @Empress, we need many more like you.

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Hahahah Good for you. It's the one truth they all know in their hearts or lipstick would never have made a sale. The real wall that needs breached is their denial.

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The wall....?

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middle-late 30s when a womans attractiveness tends to fall off precipitously.

The Misandry Bubble talked about it some. Its a good read too. Highly recommend

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Did you mean middle late 20s?

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PDF warning would be nice... but thanks for that.

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(but offer no protection to men who are the victimsof violence by women, which happens just as often),

happens more often


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Rational Male has has peak female at 23 I think. Sperm Wars and Evolution of Desire have similar results.

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Maybe when women hit an age where they desperately want children but, have completely wasted their youth so are no longer attractive as a potential mate. Just guessing

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Or they have a child with whoever, and then want to keep participating in hypergamy, and are shocked that the choices available to them at 35 with a child are nowhere near the choices available to them, at 23, childless.

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Makes a lot of sense.

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