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Correction: Zero coverage of the African nigger who drove around and waited for two white targets to run over.

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Upvoat for

African nigger

but did he literally wait in search of white victims?

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"According to CBS Denver, the attack took place earlier this month and one of the boys was left with a fractured skull.

Atuno, who was driving on an expired license, was caught on a security camera circling a cul-de-sac many times before he plowed over the boys with his vehicle.

The two young boys were walking on the sidewalk when Atuno struck them with his car."

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Yes. The original article that I saw said as much. Then he drive slowly and waited for the kids to get on the sidewalk and then slowing came up from behind and then accelerated and ran them over then drove off.

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edit: subsaharan--grey-african-cannibal.... govern yourselves accordingly!!!

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News by Jews for faggots and niggers.

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Kill them all. Without mercy. Every man woman and child so your children won't have to. The ultimate sacrifice. Your soul. And I'm willing

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We have no choice.

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I’ve been saying this for years. We have to kill them all.

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They really are talking about 'white hate crimes' a lot lately. Funny.

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If you’re going to do something like this, make sure you succeed.

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Don’t. This type of shit does nothing to further our cause. Try starting with putting up fliers. If that’s not edgy enough for you, hand out fliers to people on the street. If you pick a shitlib college, you may even get to fight someone.

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True but let’s get to the meat of it. What really hurts our cause is people that cuck like fags ever time they read a story like this. If half the population came out supporting this guy then the optics wouldn’t matter much, would they? So more important than don’t be this guy is don’t be that guy.

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Shitlib College = University of Denver. I'm 6'7" 265lbs White male with a red beard...none of them had any problems taking the flyer I passed around about two tiered Democrat controlled "justice" last month...mostly a dig at Colorado leftist politics and Gay Governor Polis, which are unfairly distributed by Denver/Boulder due to population. They won't fight you.

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White guy tries to hit someone = "hate crime"

Nigger actually hits someone = "we still dont know if it was on purpose"

White guy burns down black churches = "white supremacist burned down building"

Sand niggers burn down their ~13th white church = "electrical fire"

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Bullshit double standards like this are only stoking the flames of hatred and pure unbridled rage and becoming the catalyst for a global purge and uprising by whites.

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This is such clear proof that there is a carefully planned effort to smear and eventually eradicate white people.

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Enemy of the People

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Wow, can you imagine the audacity in a person doing something but thinking hatefully while doing it?

These thought crimes should be punished at a level far above the actual crime because that is unacceptable. Crimes are just- whatever. But the possibility that someone could commit a crime hatefully just is going way too far.

*Brought to you by the jews

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