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Full response coming soon.

For now: IKAGO and NAXALT

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Negroids are a separate species. As are asians, pajeets, etc. The unfortunate situation for nigs is their ancestors (according to latest gene flow research) appear to have devolved by breeding with more archaic local hominids. Hence their shocking atavistic appearance and functioning (quick motor development by newborn infants - just like wild animals).

Low IQ is endemic in black Africa, but less so further north as demography switches to more caucasoidal. Low IQ is not unique to African niggers. Australian niggers, in fact, might have the lowest group avg. American Indians, not certain if worth the time to study, likely had niggardly IQ's. Their behavior - past through present - belie a ogrish nature: no writing, no wheel, no science to speak of.

Low IQ is a legacy that not only burdens niggers and their progeny, but also any other human species forced to live in proximity to their Violence, Criminality, and general Social Irresponsibility (litterbugs, shabby dress like sagging slacks, cowardly failure to speak English for fear of being labeled an Urkel or Tom, etc.) According to evidence, an IQ of 85 is needed to create a civilization - the Minimum, entry level. African sub-hominids we call niggers average below 80 IQ. Hence, when the whites arrived, they found no roads, no buildings, no wheels, no writing, just fuckall. Same with every other sub 85 IQ group (to be fair to niggers).

American niggers have benefited. They have, thanks often to being given white female slaves to breed with (famous example being the Irish slave teen girls in Caribbean), the niggers here have an avg 85 IQ. However, that only means half are even dumber.

Contrary to popular beliefs, low nigger IQ is not the sole cause of their criminality. An American with down syndrome has low relative IQ. We don't see retards in the evening kike news getting commendations for rape, robbery, murder. Some species are violent, by eons of breeding. Some peaceful, communal. One look at the nigger dog, the pitbull, will put all the redpills in a row regarding breeding, genetic disposition.

Not to overly criticize niggers. Even rice eaters are not that great - eating dogs & cats! Whites are sleeping fucking cucks. Before LBJ, people were more dignified. Blacks had families, owned homes, owned by businesses, were educated, stable. It's all known. Now, it's mostly niggers. Whites have given blood and gold, to free niggers, to lift up niggers. Please don't ask for more - before we snap. Instead, knowing what negroes (as grandpa called them) once had, negroes must police their fellow niggers: prevent nigger geneflow, punish nigger behavior. Before whites snap and do it.

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punish nigger behavior.

You gotta defeat the core problem before this can happen, or else blacks who try to improve end up like Nipsey or Cosby

Nipsey was actively TRYING to end the gang violence, but was killed in ((personal altercation)) the DAY BEFORE holding a summit with the gangs to work together to end the violence. . .sure, THAT'S not ((suspicious.))

Bill Cosby tried for YEARS to get black folks to get their shit together and the shade he caught from ((funded activists)) and ((the media)) was rediculous. . .even if he did make a difference, He lost his Son who was making something of himself in ((dubious circumstances)) [murderded by a ((Russian))] and that STILL didn't stop him. . .now he's in jail because of the me too movement which was used to get to him just before he started to do a large project. Now he's in jail.

You say that: Whites will "snap and do it" So you're basically going to make things worse and start a civil war (that you. . .EVERYONE will lose by the way) when there are a million different things you all can do without having to fire a single shot. What ever happened to leading by example?

Right, you forgot about that. You're a coward, hiding behind your perceived superiority. If you are so great, why did it get this bad in the first place? Why did you let the banks run ranpant and steal your purchasing power, why did you let them repeal Glass-Stegal?

What the use of "muh I.Q." if you sit by and don't prevent it from getting this bad? Where was that I.Q. when people could have voted to end this shit multiple times since the 1970s (when we went off the gold standard)? So does that I.Q. not matter then? it didn't help stop the degeneration so far?

No wait, don't answer that, you're just gonna non-sequitur N-dudes and Dog eaters, and vomit on your keyboard.

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A lot of people on voat have wives and husbands. I think you are assuming people complaining about miscegenation are complaining because they are with a non-white instead of them, when that's often not the case, they just don't like miscegenation. I agree with what you are saying about taking more accountability and changing what you can control, though.

import Slaves Immigrants to clean up their banking messes!

They aren't importing them because they need more people to take on debt. They are importing them to replace us because they are easier to control and less of a threat to them than us.

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This makes some sense, but still. There's not much they can do about people choosing their own partner, OF course if they believe that ((certain people)) are pushing it hard (I agree with this) well. . .there CAN be something done about it. This is where banding together, monetarily, and professionally comes in. Anything less is simply feeding the beast.

In that thread I linked, there was not one mention of "we should get together and make our own products, companies, etc and promote WM and WF relationships in our ads, sell to predominantly white communities, provide scholarships for people who live in those communities, with a merit component (you don't even have to make it a white people scholarship, make it a merit scholarship and you'll automatically weed out those you don't want)to our own universities where we don't teach fucking basketweaving but REAL skills like STEM, Trades, Sales, Production, banking(with out the (()) ) and Marketing(including media). Create your own banks, Internet providers, gas chains etc etc. (I feel like I'm shilling for v/emergencynation or something)

I mean if the JEWS can do it, Why can't you guys? (I ask the same question to black folk too when they start complaining about stupid shit) There were enough people in that thread alone to start some kind of fund, to research together and figure out which communities are best to live in to preserve their culture. etc etc etc. . .but instead, you get stupid stuff like this:

Negroids are a separate species. As are asians, pajeets, etc. The unfortunate situation for nigs is their ancestors (according to latest gene flow research) appear to have devolved by breeding with more archaic local hominids. Hence their shocking atavistic appearance and functioning (quick motor development by newborn infants - just like wild animals)

How does this help you and your cause?

It doesn't! Instead it just causes you all to use up resources and eventually one of you (or an agent of the deep state) to do something stupid and wipe away any progress you'd have made to build a better society for your people and your children and their children. Sooner or later, they're gonna try to shut you guys down. People like what I mentioned are the foundation to make this happen.

Voat =/= 4chan, Voat is a lot more vulnerable to fuckery than the chans are. People need to be more on top of their shit here.

Funny thing, I frequent predominantly black forums and a lot of them have expressed similar issues with black women chasing white dudes. But that's another topic altogether (many different issues there)

Point is, you can't point your finger at the old and expect it not to persist, you really have to CREATE what you want.

First create what you want for yourself (even I'm still at this point now) Then once you've done that, get together with others who've done this and help those you want to help do the same thing for themselves THEN after that, all of you band together and create the society.

This takes work though. People would rather bitch about N-word this or Kike that like that's going to do anything other than making more of the wrong people unhinged (just like those accerlerationalist shills who were most likely paid for carrying out an agenda.)

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You sound awake but the time of day seems to attract those who avoid sunlight and physical labor.