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It's up to the New Zealanders to defend that right or die. It's their choice.

What's the point of an unfired gun?

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I've been there, that place is so small one guerilla fighter could change every damn thing.

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The muslims torture rape and kill. Not all muslims When in fact, yes all muslims. If they knew anything at all about islam they wouldn't be opening their fucking mouths.

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They could chose to not to be men, not the worms they appear to be.

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Logged in just to give you this friendly reminder: The NZ gun confiscation legislation was already written up and ready to be passed IMMEDIATELY after the shooting. This is not normal. This should give you lots of red flags that it was not just “ One man doing something”. As much fun as it would be to believe that one man out there stopped giving a fuck and took one for the team....I don’t believe that’s what happened.

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No. The government has just declared itself an enemy of the people.

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It's just the new elite owners imposing a new ToS on the residents.

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Same in america with plenty of laws. they just haven't gone for the whole thing yet.

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Too many guns and people that won't give them up to do it in one swift move here. They will just whittle it away.

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new zealand is an embarrassment!!!

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the entire island has sofar only turned in ten guns; that could be as high as ten people or as low as all turn-ins being from the gun-grabbers themselves

new zealand is like tiny america

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