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Id guess at least half of the posts are jews posing as muslims.

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oy vey reeeeeeeeeeeee

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Most likely scenario.

Sort of like how much Iraq really wanted us to attack them also. /s

Yea, this is a gift form God!

No, this is the Jews trying to take you out for good. World Bank or death. Choose...

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Yep, gotta go with this. No diff to fake WN shit on the Chans when they know the MSM is looking for choice pull quotes to advance the agenda. Everything starts to glow.

Not that we shouldn't purge all muds along with their jew puppet-masters.
We're white, I'm sure we can multitask when the time comes.

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Also consider the images here and here and here and here, and this article.

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In all fairness, I cheered as those savages were gunned down in Christchurch. I expect my enemy to cheer at my people's misfortunes as well.

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There's a difference in cheering as your enemies are slaughtered and cheering as some fine historical architecture is destroyed.

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not when your a muslim/kike/nigger, as seeing the long-standing achievements of your superiors and then the inbred mediocrity of your people triggers a massive butthurt that doesnt go away and doesnt relent even in your dreams

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Difference is I don't expect to be welcomed or even tolerated in Syrian or Iraqi society, we sure as hell shouldn't be tolerating them in our society.

And as the other guy pointed out this isn't even people, it's history. It does pain my to see ancient buildings destroyed in the middle east especially knowing they were built by a better society then what is there currently.

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Except that was a false flag hoax --> https://breakthematrix.com (watch the video)

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I didn't celebrate the war on Syria. I shone light on the truth and real perpetrators wherever possible. The same people who destroyed Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen are the same people behind the fall of Europe.

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Nobody voted Hillary as secretary of state. Her and France couldn't wait to destroy Libya. Thanks to them there's open slave trading in Tripoli right now. It's blowback and we're all paying for it

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The entire point of the wars was to attack and destroy Europe using people as a weapon. Waging war on Europe without declaring war means the sleeping retards not only remain asleep but manage to open one eye just long enough to call the rest of us racist.

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These fuckheads were celebrating 9/11 too, I remember them cheering in the corner market and turning off the TV when white people came inside. Nothing's changed, they've always hated us and every single one of them is practicing taqiya any time they smile in your direction.

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It's still the jews behind all hatred. They are the synagogue of satan

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Not only are Algerians niggers but they're muslim niggers. If you thought Algerians thought anything else, gas ya self.

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The reality of 'integration' of 'refugees'.

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