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With no more Christian morality and the realization of what's been done to us, we are free to be ruthless.

Kikes overplayed their hand as usual.

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I say this all the time. They played too hard, too fast, and now even the blind among us see. My job is to have White children, wake up White men, and pull triggers. They've made it too easy for me.

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I don't advocate violence.

I predict it.

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I've been working for awhile on this, told a family member to explain having to create synthetic fuel to run a war, and have an abundance of fuel to burn jews beyond any forensic recognition even with modern technology.

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Nice. There are so many ways to debunk the Holohoax, and I hadn't even considered that one. My Dad's responding positively to my efforts, so I'll probably end up using this angle when the time comes.

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Make them ask you.

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Probably a bit hard link on the redpill attempt. You need softballs first. It's better to to send stuff that's not so heavily worded in such a biased manner. The uninitiated will have severe cognitive dissonance when reading the title alone. "Dirty Rotten Jews"... years of Anne Frank and Saving Private Goyman will have them quivering in fear at the presumed white supremacist words that will follow.

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Totally agreed. There was actually a much softer article that I was looking for that explained Israeli (and avoided the hard Jew word) involvement in 9/11, and while I found it here on Voat months ago, I couldn't find it again.

All the same, I sent it after talking with him about Jewish influence in banking, corporations, media, judiciary, and more, all of which he was really receptive to.

After sending it, he assured me he would read it, even after seeing the title. I'm thinking I'll make some good progress with it, as harsh and biased as it appears.

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there is a great doc called "Occupation of the American Mind." Recommend that.