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The fire is not the story, the joy and applause from the new protected race (oops I mean class) is all that matters. All immigration should be stopped at once until muslim groups pay for and rebuild the cathedral while weeping for loss of their wonderful host race (oops I mean country)

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far too late

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Attributed to somebody named Picard.

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Yes, he's with the restoration project. ... here, from the topmost comment: Told to NBC.

“Michel Picaud, from the Friends of Notre Dame organization responsible for the renovation efforts at the cathedral, told NBC News that, to his knowledge, the church’s organ and stained glass windows were not damaged. “The entire roof is fully destroyed,” Picaud said. “The fire started up near the roof top while another fire started in the north bell tower.””


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John Luck

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So...two shots to the head is what you're saying....

What did Notre Dame have on Hillary!!?

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This whole story stinks. They’re trying so hard to stop people from losing it lol.

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Pigeons been eating hot peppers again

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There was a picture on 8chan yesteday when they very had just started with a picture of someone on the roof, did anyone else see that? might have got memory holed

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I saw a video of a dude with a “turban” but who knows if he was part of the work crew or not.

Too many things come out to be “memory holed” like you said.

Even if this was arson, it will be written off as accidental and we will have ND conspiracy theories to follow.

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Fucking Muslims did it, I'm calling it.

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2 fires in separate locations?

What a coincidence. I bet it was moon-niggers.

Or kebob....

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