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I haven't seen a claim of no terrorism this fast since Vegas.

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If it is proven that it was terrorism, think of the spark that would cause. People are already fed up and literally rioting in the streets. Attack a religious symbol and people will go mad. This is and absolutely historic event.

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Exactly. Sounds like CYA for those that don't want a revolution to run sideways on them. Could it have been a dumbass on the renovation team? Possibly, but the timing is too convenient. I can see a muslim or jew working on the team with a personal vendetta, though, but that would bring us back to a terrorist act.

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its more than a religious symbol its a historic cultural and national one a national treasure

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It's Holy Week, this was probably some fucking shitskinned migrant laborer.

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they will do everything possible to keep any migrant involvement out of the news if it exists.

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Especially since the internet is already full of people calling for retaliation.

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It takes days to complete investigations. This is as much a lie as the passports in new york.

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If you trust the accident report trust me when I say it will be genuinely safe for your faggot ass to go to some Islamic ran shitholes and be accepted. No probs at all, koombyeyeah shit.

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Just commented on another thread, but the statement I saw elsewhere (can't remember where) was along the lines of "Arson and terrorism have been ruled out, for now." - meanwhile articles are coming out leaving out the "for now" or separating it by another sentence knowing full well people are going to act only on the initial.

Wish I had saved the link but was at work and now can't remember who posted it. A Breaking News account is all I recall.

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Obvious bullshit since an arson investigation can't be done until the flames are extinguished, which they weren't when that statement came out.

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Oh I completely agree. Just pointing out how articles are leaving out the "for now" section, which completely changes the statement.

The events leading up to this, including the thwarted terror attack on Friday, make it pretty much impossible to believe it was not intentional. They are trying to say a "random flame" ignited the worksite. What flame? Give us an item at least with a pilot light, though it'd still not be believable. Afaik, no workers were on the actual job site and there have been reports that they are saying it was intentional, not the fault of the workers or their supplies/tools.

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That's good information right there.

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Sorry if it seemed a bit more like conjecture. After doing another generic search, it looks like a few bigger name news entities, like Washington Times, quote the sentence in full. For some reason I can't connect to archive.is from my home internet or I'd throw up a few links for information's sake.

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Creating conclusions today is stupid and false either way - we (and they) don't know if it was deliberate or accident, if it was terrorism or sabotage, if it was clumsiness or malicious.

It's just too damn early to make conclusions.

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The building has been going 800 years strong. Seems like it was intentional.

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I know literally nothing about this other than it happened and I'm already convinced its Zionist fuckery. Pavlov anyone?

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