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I just saw that. He didn’t look bothered at all almost happy. The bishop (I guess) standing next to him was staring daggers.

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He's a globalist and a Satanist this is better than he expected as far as he's concerned.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. I just turned the tv off. It's like the crisis actors laughing while they yakking about their dead children.

The guy reeks pompous. Aloof and homo.

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I only know little bits of French so I was watching him really closely. Not to mention spending time around here you get the picture of what this guy is all about. I’m thinking he’s safe now or something that’s all I have.

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I wish I was in France right now. May your stones fly true and your molotovs be hot, baguettes.

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This fire could be the greatest galvanizing moment in french popular revolt! Could! If they were strategists, they would use this to their advantage by spreading the news verified or not that an immigrant is responsible.

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Bizarre presser. How many other countries would pass the begging bowl to fix the damage and how many would just commit to the tab straight up? If the Opera House burnt down pretty sure the Aussies would just say "we're fixing it, fuck the cost, it's only money". Ditto for the Tower Of London etc

An odd little fucker Macron.

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France has no money. I suspect the rebuild will be close to a half a billion. Maybe more. Was the church insured? Could it be insured?

Can priceless be insured?

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Sure can and who do think gets the $$$$$? These scams have been going on forever. He no longer needs the outside $- the insurers (you the people) pay the tab. He just fucked over the country.

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James Owen on the France TV stream said a couple of billion.

Not sure how accurate that is.

France has no money.

Figured their European "partners" would be putting their hands in their pocket.

Was the church insured? Could it be insured? Can priceless be insured?

My brother in law is in insurance and has been texting me. I asked him this, and he said absolutely no fucking way in the world would any insurance company give you a policy. As you alluded to and he told me, there's no way to agree a value on the irreplaceable.

It would be grossly irresponsible as a business to commit to unlimited losses.

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Even with modern technology to rebuild it properly would take decades if not longer.

There are only so many stone craftsman floating around these days.

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They'll just do the same thing they did to every other gothic building that (((caught))) fire. Tear it down and put something less than mediocre up in its place.

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Can't wait to see how big the yellow vest riots will be this weekend..

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This will be the time that they can take over France they can win this now they just have to put the blame on a Muslim immigrant whether it's true or not they make that go viral and they pick their protests about immigration fuck you brexit would be seen as a tea party. And you know I'm not the only one thinking this some of those people in the lead of the yellow vests they know what time it is.

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if they win the war they can write the history

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Here ya go: https://youtu.be/lshfHsmQBZc

Not sure about Macron's smirk, but that Father for the first half is behaving like I do whenever I have to listen to my bosses talking politics and/or lecturing on things they talk out their arse about, haha.

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oh yeah he's definitely not heartbroken over this https://youtu.be/lshfHsmQBZc?t=121

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The Illuminists WANT revolution. The French Revolution was brought about by Freemasons. Same with the US Revolution. In times like this, they smile because they know the people will not be able to come together. I pray this time is different. All these years of revolutions & wars, it's never the illuminists that fall. It's always the brave ones fighting for freedom & the Illuminati puppets. Some things in this world never change.

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If a mosque or synagogue burns does Macron cry?

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As a banker I'm sure he's worked out the financials to his favor.

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wring the psychos skinny little neck.

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