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persistence. persistence wins. that "wear them the fuck down" works both ways. good for you, thelma.

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Sometimes...I was handing out lit in respect to a bldg. entry checkpoint complaining about it and informing people why its illegal and they kicked me out of the bldg saying that they don't allow such activities.

Lawsuit filed. Now people can do just that ... and put flyers on peoples' cars too.

My pet peeve? Wearing a hat inside a courthouse (not in a courtroom, just other areas of courthouse) and some idiot runs up to me demanding I take the hat off....lots of ruckus from thelma ...

I guess everyone has their pet peeves.

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if that inbred, brother-fucker muslim can wear her headgear in congress...

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And facts. They can't stand in the face of REAL threats being backed with REAL facts.

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I went to the Veterans Administration Regional office in my city. After passing through the metal detector I was wanded. (my fillings must have set it off because the only other metal on me was my zipper!). Fucking rent a cop holds his hand in front of my face and twists his wrist like the royal wave. Im thinking wtf? Then I realize the asshole wants me to turn around! I got pissed. I told him " I SPEAK ENGLISH PAL!". Fucking asshole. Giving me hand signals like Im a goddamn dog.

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Why do you have to be searched at all?

4th amendment requires that such admin searches be based on actual issues related to security.

You may wish to file a FOIA request seeking records that would show that such a search complies with the 4th amendment.

They cannot just say "its a gov't bldg.". There must be more.

If you cannot find any records then contact a lawyer for a 4th amendment violation and possible class action. You should have no problem finding a lawyer that will do it on contingency or pro bono.

I protest gov't bldg entry searches routinely and have several civil actions pending related to the subject matter ... they do not like me !

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After watching these guys in action I honestly believe that they are actively discouraging veterans from entering the building.

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The VA rent a cops are the worst

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Totally not me. I mean, look at that scarf ! Yuuck.

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Here's audio of the supv. noting I'm recording ..his agency's attitude changes drastically....now he's nice

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That's hilarious. Since you'll have proof I can't bamboozle ya so go ahead.

I bet your fun in court. I'll give ya a goat, no, two goats if you let me listen in!

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I like your style:)

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One public bldg. in my state decided to make a rule that only allows for posters/stuff to be 2' by 3' max. Due to the actions of another pro-free speech guy I know.

I suggested we go down there and unfurl a large 20' by 3' banner on a sheet with some goofy thing like "suck it 2' by 3'" (or something of a protest against poster/banner sizes with room for people to sign the banner in support) and lean up against a hallway (so as not to interfere with peoples' movement) and see what the assholes would do.

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Bureaucrats... good ones are hard to find.

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Ex security here. As long as you passed the metal detector. WTF does it matter where it is? I mean he did know where it wasn't, with you inside the court house. I bet he was going to take it. IDK how many times I've forgot pocket knives and had to ditch in the bushes before going to court. I carry a small knife everywhere so never think about it.

Edit: I want to add. He didn't let you in because he was worried about the camera. He let you in because he could tell your a wanna be street lawyer. And in general a PITA, so he let you in because it was easier. Then dealing with you. Not to be a dick but your type you can see coming a mile away.

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Pigs fear a camera more than they fear a firearm.

They can’t shoot everyone who views their crimes, that is a problem for every coward pig.

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That's true .. but who fears recording devices even worse? Judges.

I record without permission.

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I think you are pretty cool. Have a virtual beer on me! Cheers!

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This is not being a good goy! BAD GOY!! Submit. Obey. Israel is your bestest ally and heil Satan

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Teach me more, master.

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Next time, pull your pants down, bend over and spread your butt cheeks. They like it when you do that. Then you shall pass. shaloms

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