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State enforced homosexuality

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Isn't that literally what happening here? I saw on the top page of voat some Texas kid had a court order to turn him into a tranny against both his and his father's wishes.

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and his father has to pay for it or go to prison

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Oh the irony. Diversity does make the police state stronger.

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Diversity is a communist, Bolshevik, and Soviet ideal. It dissolves social and ethnic identity, which can then be remade in the vision of the tyrant state to make a nation of easily manipulated cattle.

Communists have gained control of the entire power structure of the world, via the IMF/WorldBank/UN/WHO. Fabian Socialists run these organizations.


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Around here we usually just cut to the chase and call them Jews or kikes. Communism is Judaism.

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A word of caution about those shields. If you splash paint thinner or rubbing alcohol, they become brittle. Their strength returns once it's dried though.

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That's truly terrible news. We wouldn't want anyone to discover that... (quiet honk)

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Ever notice with the bloodline families, they allow NO diversity in their family blood? But for everyone else, "Diversity makes you stronger."

They truly want us divided. Politically, racially, bloodlines... all while [they] remain in-tact.

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The problem is confusing the disgust reflex for hate.

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