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Once we pass the law against hate against jews & Israel, Us jews will comb the internet for all of your jew-hating posts and we will come and arrest all of you. Its coming. You goytards will have nowhere to hide. You will be put in FEMA camps. shaloms, praise israel and heil Satan

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Our great leader has finally been born

Honkler will bring us together.

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Make it quick will you? All this waiting around is the worst part of pre-revolutionary times.

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yes but but how will you get tax sheckels from us then?

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We have all of the gold haha shaloms✡️

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You can't pass a law against our creator endowed rights!

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QRV has a lot of these faggots. That is where we need to be dumping the redpills and proofs, the average v/all scroller is already quite aware of the truth.

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Please do this! QRV needs help. I try, but I am only one person.

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I do my best as well. The daily battle against the copypasta kike shill

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What's QRV?

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This, those little coward boomers need to take the red pill suppository.

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Even if this liar were telling the truth, does he/she not realize that whoever they interviewed was just lying for attention/gibs/power?

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And everyone will clap.

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And that judge's name? (((Albert Einstein.)))

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Since when is being a jew media lackey an endorsement of your credibility? Dumb fucking shills.

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What subverse is that? The only ones I see on all are the faggot ones.

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We are already on trial for our lives.

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Need the Talmudic definition of "lie". I'm pretty sure it's "synonym for 'shut it down'."

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