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At least Candace Owens isn't a fuckin' MUH REPPARASHUNS fucking niggeress and is capible of forming rational thoughts.

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She's being groomed to be another Israel shill.

She admits in her opening statement during the hearing to working for Prager U, which is "owned by an Orthodox jew" and that she traveled to Israel for the new embassy.

Why such love for Israel, Candace?

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I verified the OP as true.

A page on judiciary.house.gov titled "Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism" lists the witnesses from the hearing to which this image refers:

  • Ms. Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President Policy, ADL, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha, Clayton, NC
  • Ms. Eva Paterson, President, Equal Justice Society, Oakland, CA
  • Mr. Neil Potts, Public Policy Director, Facebook Inc., Washington, DC
  • Ms. Alexandria Walden Counsel, Public Policy, Gov't Relations, Google, Washington, DC
  • Mr. Mort A. Klein, President, Zionist Organization of America, NY
  • Ms. Candace Owens, Turning Point USA, Washington, DC
  • Ms. Kristen Clarke, President, Executive Director, NLC for Civil Rights, Washington, DC

Eileen Hershenov is likely Jewish. She has Semitic features and oversees the civil rights team of the ADL. The ADL admits it is Jewish and at one point, 53 of 53 senior executives and directors of the ADL were Jews. Hershenov earned a JD from Yale. The largest Jewish campus organization in the world, Hillel, estimates the percentage of Jewish graduates from Yale at 21%. Jews are about 2% of the American population, so a Yale graduate is around 10 times more likely to be Jewish.

Her resume features typical Jewish activities, like combating "extremism, hate groups and hate crimes," "supporting safe spaces, anti-harassment," and "diversity and inclusion initiatives," and work for over a decade for what she describes as "Open Society (Soros) Foundations." She also worked as a law clerk under a judge with the Jewish surname Weinstein, and as a Karpatkin Fellow for the ACLU, of which four of the nine senior executives were at one point Jewish.

Mohammad Abu-Salha is an Arab Muslim. He has a Muslim name, he looks Arab, and on page 3 of his witness statement he claims he and his wife raised his kids to be Muslims. On page 4 he addresses mosques as "our mosques." His medical degree is from the University of Basrah, in Iraq, a country the Encyclopedia Britannica states is 97% Muslim. The CIA states it's 75 to 80 percent Arab. He was paraphrasing from the Quran and he admits he speaks on his mosque's board.

Eva Paterson is clearly Black.

Neil Potts is clearly Black.

I haven't found much on Alexandria Walden. Her surname is Anglo-Saxon and she's locked down her Twitter feed. She doesn't have a lot of online presence. She does look mulatto, or at least not fully White. I haven't found info on her that suggests Jewish heritage. I don't rule it out. She is there to represent Google, founded by two Jews, and five of whose six executives were once Jews.

Mort A. Klein is clearly Jewish. The exaggeration "the most Jewish man in existence" has truth to it: his parents claim they met at a displaced persons camp after surviving the Holocaust. His father was a rabbi and early dean of a Talmudical academy. He's the president of the Zionist Organization of America. He was named by The Forward as one of the top five Jewish leaders in the US and by NY Jewish Week as one of the top ten Jewish leaders. The Jewish Press called him "one of the best minds in this country" and the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent named him "one of the top dozen Jewish activists of the century." The Jerusalem Post called his organization "one of the most influential groups in the US today." He has campaigned against criticism of Jews in textbooks, travel guides, universities, churches, and the media.

Candace Owens is clearly Black.

Kristen Clarke is clearly Black.

Verdict: True. Cid's claim there is not one White witness at the hearing appears true. There seem to be 4 Blacks, 1 Arab, 1 mulatto, and at least 2 Jews. It isn't clear to me if the mulatto is also a Jew; if not, 8 of the 9 pictured claims on the racial composition of the witness panel are correct.

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It's mostly all peaches and roses until you realize that she is clearly not fully black.

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Every shade of Brown isn't White.

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I am quite impressed by her statement, even though I don't agree with everything she says.

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I'm still not convinced she isn't just a paid activist, or otherwise only in it for T_D baste black boomerbux, but in this case I think you have to take what you can get.

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Remember the white genocide happening in south africa, and some people thinking "nah that could never happen here, right?"..
Well, when you keep heading in that direction step by step, you eventually get there..

The time when the founding fathers would have thought it justified to start a revolution would have been LONG before now.. Imagine them alive now and seeing this shit: Niggers deciding to make it illegal to be white and love your country.. Soon it is just going to be illegal to be white..

Hitler was right about the niggerfication of america.. It has happened just like he knew it would.. We need to start going out in public and having huge protests every weekend.. It is better than sitting here doing nothing every day.. How else is the revolution to take back our country going to begin?..

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Rhodesia was a warning. South Africa is an even bigger warning. People didn't think that RSA would succumb because the white population is bigger but it looks like RSA will go the way of Rhodesia. At some point, the whites in RSA need to secede themselves like those little countries in the old Yugoslavia and create their own country.

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Personally, I don't think protests are the answer. What would the response be to protests for what --White rights? I'm not asking for rights.

I would as soon see a war develop because the results would be a wholesale reset and every non white, except for native indians would be forced to acknowledge they can go home to their own countries. The native Indians have their own tribal land. The "people" behind it would suffer most and that's the real goal.

The jews would be persona non grata afterwards. The college "professors" would be gone and we could restock the colleges and schools with learning. The franchise bullshit would be wiped out and we could get independent businesses going. The Media would be dead and gone and rebuilt by humans.

Taking out the United Nations would end so much bullshit and put a lot more money in the pockets of Americans.

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A lot of what’s been done has been so subtle. I’m still fairly young so I haven’t realized first hand the changes but my older brother (millennial) has. I also see in pictures how much things have chnaged (styles, clothing, piercings, tattoos, lack of Christian jewelry). From what he said, growing up everyone was very trusting and practically oblivious. He said it really came out with the boy scout and Catholic Church sex scandals that causes people to really think about who they trust around 2012 when it was happening so frequently. Then he said the previous 2016 election woke an enormous number of people up, everything from scandalous DNC emails to lack of trust in the news and media in general. Everything is highly polarized now, everything from music to movies to sports and even food. Topics where politics have nothing to do with the subject are now debating grounds for everything from “animal rights” to trans people in sports. People are sick of it and it’s eventually going to boil over. They wanted guns gone and they tried very hard, never missing a single opportunity everytime there was a shooting that the media very selectively decided to cover. Someone brought up gun confiscation the other day. It will never work in America without an enormous fight. They can’t stop the internet from reporting it. Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and all the other extreme censorship platforms can’t stop the reporting even though they’ve desperately tried. The chans have been on top of every red-flag surprise confiscation. If they try to do it slowly and methodically and thoroughly it won’t be fast enough to stop people from getting prepared. If they try to do a large scale raid, they are still hugely outnumbered and the people will have prepared. And who would do the raid? Nearly every gun loving American who raised their kid with faith in the Bible and constitution has sent their kid off to the military. They’re not going to “flip” double digit percentages of soldiers, and more importantly most will just simply “know” something is wrong. Sure there might be small groups of local law enforcement fighting on behalf of SJW’s and other anti Americans, but their numbers won’t ever be close. This doesn’t even touch the war histories of whites vs other groups where whites were outnumbered and still won or were able to survive an attack with none or very few injuries.

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When the US is Zogged, this happens.

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It doesn't mean that there aren't non-whites who care for white people's rights. Just as whites have cared for the rights of non-whites, there are non-whites who care about the rights of all peoples including white rights.

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They’re a minority within their own communities. They should not be trusted with the defense of our rights (and our existence!).

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Myth of the Moderate Muslim (add your non-white racial/religious group here).

They go with their group. Always.

Non-whites do not think like whites. Stop being an emotionally driven bitch cuck.
There is no "Brotherhood of Man". There never was. Other races just nod their heads while Whitey pontificates and huffs the deep vapors of his own altruistically enhanced farts, then hold out their hands for gibs. They have to be bribed, endlessly, to fall into line with the White world view.

They do not like you. They do not care about you. They just want your stuff. If they could get it and have it without you being necessarily involved in the supply line, they'd cut your throat in an instant and fuck the hole just to show you that you were never the boss or their great savior. Just their pathetic paypig sniffing around their unwiped assholes for emotional validation because a bunch of two-bit yiddish gypsies conned you into hating yourself through your childhood TV watching habits.

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NO rights for non whites because this is what they've done with what we gave them; kill us.

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Get angry or die Saxon.

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Right Wing Honk Squads!

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What does "inalienable rights" mean again?

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Right's only allowed to "people of color" apparently.

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White people are fer too smart to place themselves on the firing line like that, we would rather just vote and clean our guns.

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But never actually fire them, of course.

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You hope.

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serves OP right for being complacent and not using his guns to retake his country..

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(((tribe))) -unal

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