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And yet the Chinese just did experiments linking a specific gene sequence found only in races outside of Africa with heightened intelligence. This is just another example of how science in the West is dying of a cancer called postmodernism.

On a personal note, Watson was the subject of some of the oldest historical revisionism that’s ever been thrust upon me. Back in high school, before I even knew who Watson and Crick were, I had a science teacher drilling the idea in our heads that the double helix was actually discovered by some anonymous female undergrad, while W&C were largely unfamiliar with the project. Only after the discovery was made did they swoop in and claim the discovery for themselves. Today, with scientific revisionism running amok with NASA moon landing negresses and this black hole imaging jewess whose contribution to the project could be summed up as adjusting the font size on the imaging GUI, I’m reminded of just how much bullshit we’re constantly being fed.

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When were you in high school? I think the revisionism concerning Rosalind Franklin really ramped up after Watson made his initial public comment(s) about what he saw as dismal prospects for the future of Africa. It was sometime in the early-mid '00s.

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They were already preaching that shit when I was in college in the mid 90s.

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The Chinese are taking IQ and genetics information and trying to create superhumans. The pivot back to Asia domination of the world is happening before our eyes

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I'd rather cat eaters take over instead of goat fuckers, street shitters or dindus

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Anthropologists and the like in china and former soviet bloc near unanimously accept race realism rand racial differences. This is very telling as it shows that race denialism was a very specific program pushed in america and western europe, and thus did not take hold in countries that were intellectually sealed off from them. Sure the communist countries had all of their marxist bullshiterry about the proloteriat and what not, but racial egalitarianism/denialism was never a part of their doctrine, even the the soviet bloc where lysenkoism took hold for a bit.

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By Jews that MUST be killed. Liberty demands it!

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William Shockley invented the solid state transistor and got memory holed for saying the same thing.

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Hilarious, isn't it? The progressives like to scream that they're pro-science and anyone who doesn't agree with their opinions is anti-science; they'll accept evolution which is all well and good, but when that evolution comes to humans, whoops, no way, can't have that, we're all created equal and tabula rasa and so on and so forth.

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Thank the Masons and the Commies for all the brotherhood of man bullshit.

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It is a consequence of the democratic system. Any government that doesn't try to reduce the numbers of human "trash" will quickly be swimming in mentaly ill and unhealthy humans. But obviously in democracy it might be easier to get elected by the crazy people.

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And of course, science ultimately proved him right. But fuck apologies.

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Most all of science (Neuroscience, Psychology) has always concurred with Watson on IQ.

Science has proven many times that Blacks are VERY non human and low IQ

Of the 538 genes for above 100 IQ intelligence, west african Negroes and Australian aborigines LACK most of the smart genes!

Look at bottom of this list of IQ from composited science paper research :


Sri Lanka - 79 IQ !!!
Zambia - 79
Democratic Republic of the Congo - 78
Nepal - 78
Qatar - 78
Comoros - 77
South Africa - 77
Cape Verde - 76
Congo - 76
Mauritania - 76
Senegal - 76
Mali - 74
Namibia - 74
Ghana - 73
Tanzania - 72
Central African Republic - 71
Jamaica - 71
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 71
Sudan - 71
Antigua and Barbuda - 70
Benin - 70
Botswana - 70
Rwanda - 70
Togo - 70
Burundi - 69
Cote d'Ivoire - 69
Ethiopia - 69
Malawi - 69
Niger - 69
Angola - 68
Burkina Faso - 68
Chad - 68
Djibouti - 68
Somalia - 68
Swaziland - 68
Dominica - 67
Guinea - 67
Guinea-Bissau - 67
Haiti - 67
Lesotho - 67
Liberia - 67
Saint Kitts and Nevis - 67
Sao Tome and Principe - 67
The Gambia - 66
Cameroon - 64
Gabon - 64
Mozambique - 64
Saint Lucia - 62
Equatorial Guinea - 59 IQ !!!

The smartest countries all have the least brown or black skins.

The problem is that ALL humans on earth except blacks have brain folding genes from RECENT cross breeding with NEANDERTHALS (yes even everyone in south america), and the asians have these genes by breeding with DENISOVIANS (who also had bred earlier with NEANDERTHALS). And the SMARTEST asians bred at two points in history with DENISOVIANS, while the water-niggers and Thais only interbred one time.

Modern asian humans (smart non-Thai asians) interbred with Denisovans TWICE in history :


Some smarter asians picked up DNA, just as whites did, by breeding with Neanderthal&Denisovian half-breeds from conquering Neanderthal males... with full actual DNA sequenced from actual half-breed Denisovian+Neanderthal breeding bone fragment example ! :


GENES 80% Predict your IQ!!!

538 genes that are thought to be linked to intelligence (by comparing 300,000 test subjects) :


The percentage of Neanderthal DNA in modern black humans is zero !!! (they interbred 300,000 to 185,000 years ago with a ape-like hominid, probably a version of Homo heidelbergensis branch):


9 LIVING CAVEMEN with ACTUAL NEGROID HOMO ERECTUS Y DNA INACT found in CAMEROON, and an camaroon negro found in USA with caveman DNA from 300,000 years ago completely unrelated to real humans ! :


US Gov scientists agree that some Negroes discovered to be non-human, and Negroes interbred with ape-like creatures long long ago :


Shocking quotes from PMC4947341 "Hominin interbreeding and the evolution of human variation":

one-fifth of the Neanderthal genome may lurk within modern humans... (but totally absent in Negroes)

SUBHUMAN! interbreeding between Sub-Saharan Africans and an as-yet-unknown hominin, such as H. heidelbergensis...


Some think that the Negroes that bred with H. heidelbergensis were "Homo sapiens idaltu", and that "Homo sapiens idaltu" thus evolved into Negroes, while actual humans descended from 'Homo sapiens idaltu' leaving africa and interbreeding with Denisovian+Neanderthal becoming real humans , now called "Homos Sapiens sapiens) [note the extra sapiens].

Some Russian and Chinese scientists currently denounce that and say its the opposite, and that 'Homo sapiens idaltu' ENTERED africa and interbred with the indigenous Negroes (H. heidelbergensis).

No matter how you organize the timeline, DNA does not lie. Blacks are an unrelated species. Most land mammals are radically different species after 120,000 year separation, and Blacks separated from all real humans 350,000 years ago.

Gorillas : Scientists claim at least two branches of gorillas ARE DIFFERENT SPECIES, yet gorillas have far more DNA in common as a percent to each gorilla species than ANY Negro on earth has to ANY Non-negro !!! Negroes ARE A DIFFERENT SPECIES according to scientific logic, and not Homo Sapiens at all!


TL/DR : Negroes are NOT Human. Y DNA from a handful of talking apes in Cameroon PROVE that Negros are not HUMAN and Negros share few genes with all other races, and are almost closer to chimps, than the dna "distance" between two of the main species of identical looking gorilla species!

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(((Science))). Everyone is created equal, goy. All races and both sexes identical.

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Everyone but us, goy.

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No no everyone is equal (((they))) are just more equal.

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Honk Honk...It's a clown world

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It's a Jew prize anyway that is purely political

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He did not lose his Nobel prize, he lost his honorary doctor title given to him by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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He's still right though. No matter what the idiotic leftists say. Nothing they do will EVER change that.

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Distinguished Nobel Laureate disavowed because of his scientific views that niggers are stupid, love to fuck willing or unwilling persons and are lazy.

Fixed the title for you.

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Niggers implies agency ..I just call them African animals

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look at that FUCKING APE beside him too. Can't even dress properly. What the fuck is that stupid denim thing? A Jean Shawl? FUCKING NIGGERS NEED TO DIE

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I didn't notice the denim wings until now. She fixin to gib hims a piece of hur mine

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