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They need to stop calling men women in these articles. It gets really confusing.

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"Muhlaysia" ...I guess the victim's mom heard Malaysia and thought it sounded pretty, but had to guess at the spelling.

Couple years back, I was reading an article about a German father who was upset because his daughter wanted to play with dolls, and there was some kind of custody problems between the man and his ex over it. I read the stupid thing THREE times because I couldn't figure out why the man didn't want the girl playing with dolls and it was confusing me ; was it some religious thing-? Misogyny-? . Finally (and I can't recall what finally clued me in) I realized that the "daughter" was a little boy, who had decided he wanted to be a girl , with the mom supporting this belief and the father opposed.

I agree with you, especially for pre ops. Maybe put "girl" or "woman" or "man" or whatever in scarequotes till the surgeries are complete and the driver's license lists them as their chosen sex, invent new terms for people who've surgically altered their genitalia, SOMEthing.

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The false premise is that if you control the language you control thoughts and ideas—and therefore society. Only a retard, disengaged from the harsh reality of existence, would think this premise has any merit.

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Muhlaysia Booker

Niggers have got to be parodying themselves with these names....

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Muh dick

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The tranny rear ended the guys car running him off the road. Then accelerated into him again crushing his vehicle against a wall.

I don't know what happened between that event and the beatdown in the middle of a crowded street with hooting apes all around.

But there's definitely a whole side to this story that isn't: "guy randomly beats up tranny for no reason"

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“A few seconds later, he can be seen throwing Booker to the ground and punching her as she tries to protect her face from his blows.”

“..a transgender woman..”

A mentally ill faggot but they gotta respect the pronouns. Fucking clown world.

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News on Sunday, Taj initially claimed that he had shot the footage, then later said that he had obtained it from someone else. He also claimed that it consists of two videos that have been spliced together. He did not respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post on Sunday night.

Seems very instigating form of media trickery.

I approve of this if it gets nigs to chimp out. Carry on good citizen.

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The JWO is getting desperate and now trying to incite a race war in order to take the focus away from the real enemy: kikes. I'm not arguing for peace (I know that ship has sailed), but humans need to keep their eyes on the real target despite whatever violence is taking place around them.

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Part and parcel of black immigrants.

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I would almost bet my life the tranny has an arrest record. I saw an interview spliced the news only included the bold part, A witness said ~ : "people be fighting and he liked to get busted in the head he had that shit coming but all that extra violence wad not call for"

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Move out of negro infested areas

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