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Original "article" is from 2014, which we would know if OP hadn't been a fucking piece of shit and just posted the article instead of a screengrag from a more modern rewrite.


Next time, post the article you fucking low life piece of shit.

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It is worth mentioning that pedophilia means children that are NOT IN or THROUGH puberty! So we are not talking about a 16 year old girl has filled out... They want to normalize sexual attraction to those 12 or younger!

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Just like in sharia law!

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He said bad words. Are you really not going to reply with bad words too, in an effort to protect your image?

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Hey, sup yo?

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Obligatory NiggerFaggot.

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Thanks for posting the link. I've noticed this headline screenshot shit has begun to be more prevalent lately.

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It's only acceptable if OP posts the article in the text area or a comment because there are too many morons who just want pictures.

Are you paying attention, @SyriansFuckCorpses?

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Totally agree.

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We need a purge.

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And coincidentally (or not), one is about to arrive!

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Pedophilia aka Judaism is unnatural and abnormal.

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What they really meant to say was that it's natural and normal for jewish males.

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We have abundant evidence of that.

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Every single one.

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the 'males' they are referring to are all non-white. that is left without saying on purpose. The idea is that they are to be the new normal. In this, they are telling the truth! it is normal for sub-human males to fuck each others/their own children. It is common among them to such an extent that even most race acknowledgers have trouble coming to terms with, because the concept of 'they all are just casual child rapists' sounds so absurd that is simply must be made up. No such luck.

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You see it in the animal kingdom all the time. Of course, we are supposed to assume that these two-legged animals are humans, but some of us know otherwise.

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But humans are animals.

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No you don't. Don't degrade animals by that comparison.

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Look at academia, you don't even have to look closely. Totally fucked up liberal degenerates. First it was normal to be a faggot, then normal to be a tranny, now pedophilia is normal. These subhumans are teaching our children……….

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"Those that can—do. Those that can't—teach."

It didn't use to be this way, but with the creation of corporate education edifices everything has been turned around. Clown World.

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Truth in those words.

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Academia has been long subverted by (((kikes))) to weaponize against what is normal, good and moral in a Christian society.

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Ok I commented earlier that we can simply round up and deport the Jews as Hitler tried. I apologize for this error. They must be exterminated like cockroaches.

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Now you have been truly red-pilled.

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We need to group them up and make them walk the plank off the edge of the earth

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It would cost an awful lot to ship them to Antarctica to do that, and you'd probably have to get the UN to approve of you dumping trash over the mountain wall... but I suppose seizing their assets could cover most of those costs.

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Fire. I'd love to see them burn.

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Academics say what normies will say in a generation. That's what schooling does to a civilization.

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