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Nobody deserves free healthcare

Fixed that for you.

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First of all, it's sickcare—there's no profit in caring for healthy people. Secondly, I totally agree that nobody deserves free shit period. +1

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while i agree with you, the problem is the government intervention in health care. I can't have the neighbor, who is a nurse, diagnose typical aliments. I can't buy an x-ray machine and perform images for a fraction the cost of a hospital, insurance companies/medicaid pay a different rate than a normal person, etc. All of this is because of (((over-regulation))) typically at the behest of the industry.

This allows hospitals to be better than luxury hotels. single bed rooms with pull outs and lounge chairs for family are now the norm, even for people on medicaid, etc. There used to be (at least in larger cities) a "county hospital" that sucked balls, but that is where you went for your socialized medicine. There were also "free clinics" and other places that weren't as nice as the places normal people went.

Now the guy making $50k has to pay $1800/mo for his family to have coverage. This coverage comes with large deductibles, and other crap and hoops you have to jump through. The single mom with 4 kids gets to go to the same hospitals, get the same treatment, and doesn't pay anything out of pocket. Because there is no copay they abuse the hell out of the system.

Don't even get me started on the taxi services for medicare abusers.

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Coverage for a family of 3 is over 1000 bucks a month for us with an employer paying half... I think it has a 6k deductibble EACH so yeah if we get in a car wreck we will have to pay almost 20k before we see a penny of insurance and I get to pay 1k a month for this shit.

Its a scam.

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OP is a JIDF scum and has been called out already many times. fuck him and the SPLC horse he rode in here on.

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yes... more accurate.

Subsidies are directly responsible for the massive spike in health care costs.

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between subsidies and harsh government regulation...

IIRC only so many people can get certifications per year that is limited by a government body...

The healthcare industry is so far outside of any market forces (and im not even talking about emergency care) and that is why it is so costly. No way to shop around for non emergency procedures, not that most people care because they are spending the insurance man's money and not theirs.... atleast in their mind...

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When I hit the grocery every week, I see people like this. In their late 40's, and morbidly overweight. More times than not their cart is filled with cases of soda and the worst food nutritionally the store has to offer.

It is a combination of things causing the problem. They have been conditioned to "save time" with shit food that is fast to prepare and loaded with sugar, and salt.

Decades of advertising has literally brainwashed average Americans to eat this toxic crap instead of taking less than 10 minutes of their time to cook simple things like eggs, bacon, or hamburger.

It is a combination of a lot of things that has created the crisis. Big Sugar-Corn Ag Corps., Pesticide Corps. The FDA, Fast Food Industry, and Advertising. All of which pushes a culture of eating shit food that "saves you time".

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You're forgetting families that never knew how to make a meal worth a damn and so their children didn't either.

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Fuck that cooking isn't hard take some personnel responsibility.

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People buy all those cheap carbs because they think they're getting good value for money. They fail to factor their health into the equation -- it's just about taste, calories and price. They're the exact same people who go into (((debt))) unnecessarily -- to hell with responsibility, some dumb taxpayer can pick up the slack in the future when they go bankrupt and/or have a quadruple bypass.

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AYE, your health is almost entirely in your own hands, if you eat right and exercise your immune system becomes stronger, your body, and by extension your mind also become stronger. Your hormone levels are critical for your function, and your hormone levels are determined by your gut.

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This is why universal healthcare will always be terrible. Coverage for all that will work operates under the assumption that the population will generally have self control and be risk averse regarding poor health choices. But no, you have fat fucks and boomers abusing the system visiting the ER every single time they get a splinter in their toes.

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Solution: labor camps for fats

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No one has the right to force others to provide them with anything.

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muh diabeetus

need muh mat-fore-man keep muh bloodsugar down after i guzzle a cup of folgers with half a gallon of coffeemate added in followed up by several liters of coke products(they are diet so they are good for my beetus)

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I'm type 1 also, for more than 50 years. Perfect health and weight and in excellent condition. You'll never tell those guys anything. Type 2 is a completely different world and cause.

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Smokers already have to pay more for healthcare.

I see no reason obese people should not have to pay more too.

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agree 100 percent !!!

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