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No he was kicked out so that nation could get a several billion dollar loan from IMF.

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Yep no one is talking about this. Ecuador has been in financial straits and recently secured loans from the IMF. An organization the US is the largest contributor to. The close proximity of this deal to Assanges ousting from the embassy is questionable at best.

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Most likely once he knew he would be kicked out, he shared this pic.

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It's weird that Podesta specifically insulted Assange while eating lobster

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Yeah it wasn't the 4 billion dollar loan...IT WAS THE LOBSTER PIC YOU STUPID FUCKING NIGGER.

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The only time I will crawl in bed with another man is to eat lobber

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Omg lobster in bed! As if these leaders aren't all living like billionaires. Turd world people aren't too bright on the average.

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Wow. Talk about shitting where you sleep...