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I am a National Socialist. I am more than happy to know the Truth about things.

Praise God, Heil Hitler.

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+1, and i raise you a deus vult! also what's with those idiotic replies? must be qtard boomers or something? hail victory!

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Hitler knew the Christian god was not god. Do your research before you hail a man you would hate in the grand scheme. You cannot be German and Christian, the old gods turn in their graves.

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Member for 4 days.

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I just say, "yes, I'm a Nazi and I want to gas the Jews, but that's irrelevant .."

That's a line from George Lincoln Rockwell.

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I might add "and I want to gas you too..." Because if they are calling me a nazi then I definitely do want to.

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Yep, and I'm a confederate soldier too

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Yes, I HAVE aged well, thank you. My secret is whiskey and cornbread.

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I don't think any of these liberal idiots think you are literally a 20th century German soldier of Hitler's Reich.

They do what they always do and shift the usage of words. They are using the term Nazi to apply a label signifying your ideology, i.e. to indicate you believe a certain set of things that would align you with Hitlerian philosophy.

When someone calls someone a "Fascist" today, they also don't mean that the targeted individual is a member of a Fascist party.

The Left mobilizes labels; these are all ways to categorically assign you into one of their compartments. It's their source of power, so I agree with trying to take that power from them, but I don't think its going to be effective to explain anything to them. They are beyond rationality. To me, you diffuse the power of a label based on how you respond. You either ignore it - because a reaction is what they want - and diffuse it that way. Or you invert the whole thing and gladly accept the label.

Total indifference to or acceptance of the label. The key is not to defend yourself from the label. Notice how in the media, anytime somebody is accused of something, they drown themselves when they come back pleading against the label/designation. It gets you into a quagmire whereby just defending yourself seems to be satisfactory to also implicate you. Then the person is flailing in the water and doesn't know up from down because none of it makes any sense. Precisely. It doesn't. You can't defeat illogical, fallacious nonsense mazes by rationalizing with people who don't think rationally. You only take its power by pretending it doesn't exist (you have to indicate you believe the label is real for it to have power), or you accept it and don't let it hurt you. Never apologize.

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You're giving the left too much credit. These are people who can be told a million times that the left is responsible for the death of over a hundred and fifty million people in the last 100 years and it means absolutely nothing to any of them. They use words as if they've changed reality in for words along because that's exactly what they've done. And that's their entire brain.

You can kill half of them and it won't mean a fucking them to the other half,. Kill their kids and it goes nowhere. When the leftist politician gets his own kid raped and murdered by an illegal alien sneakthief, all he has to say about it is that he likes tacos so we have to continue to wipe out whites. They're the walking dead already. There's no soul, no integrity, no ability to reason or think. They are literally nothing but the words they repeat.

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babes... "nazi" stinks of anti-caucasianism....!!!

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Nah, they're alive and well here in Eastern Germany. Just don't name themselves that anymore as the local ZOG has forbidden its use with the threat of jail time.

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All they have to do is change their name. The communists called themselves progressives Now they're democrats. and globalists. The Nazis can call themselves any damned thing they want except Nazis and gain acceptance, why don't they?

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They do, basically. The AfD has an extremist wing, and its foremost spokesman, Björn Höcke, has called for a national movement called Solidary Nationalism, which is essentially a flip of the word National Socialism, imho. Other movements of the past used different appellations, like the various regional nationalist youth orgs (Junge Nationalisten, Viking Youth, Young Homeland Association of Eastern Prussia, to name a few). They were and are pools in which people of national socialist conviction could freely associate and interact.

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We dont have billionaire backers

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All they have to do is change their name. The communists called themselves progressives Now they're democrats. and globalists. The Nazis can themselves any damned thing want except Nazis, why don't they?

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They the ones waving the German Empire flag in the protest, last year I think?

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how many

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It varies from region to region. The states of Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Thuringia have sizable portions of people who are racially conscious and vote for nationalist parties. The most prominent was the NPD. At the best of times, they could receive between 10 and 15 % of the votes in state elections, more in local elections, such as county level. Among this share you'd have a certain percentage of people who would be the types to hang a portrait of the Führer into their bedrooms, maybe a third at best, so maybe 3 to 5 % of the overall population. More would sympathize with them and even more wouldn't have trouble associating with genuine National Socialists in a family setting or a circle of friends, maybe 30% of the overall population in the East of Germany.

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I’m an anti semite

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Logic has no effect upon the mad.

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I am a National Socialist. The spirit of Hitler lives in every true National Socialist.

Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt aber, ist das eigene Volk und für dieses Volk und um dieses Volk Wollen wir ringen und wollen wir kämpfen! und niemals erlahmen! und niemals ermüden! und niemals verzagen ! und niemals verzweifeln !

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