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Eradicate kebob.

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don't forget to subscribe to pewds.

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using hooktube is now exactly the same as using youtube.

try bitchute or invidio

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What changed?

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HookTube lost their API access after violating the terms of service. Their webpages simply show a standard Youtube embedded video now.

Invidio.us has replaced hooktube. It’s open source and excellent.

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i don't know the technical aspects behind it, but hooktube got really popular and youtube did something to make hooktube no better than youtube.

there was lots of posts on voat about it at the time it happened.

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sure its from cuck but the vid is pretty funny.

the lowdown via 4 - https://files.catbox.moe/e8uh9u.png

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Any goats near Minnesota should consider this. Free self-defense situation. Make sure to bring a friend or two for backup.

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Hey friend, do you play the baiting game with your bros in minnemogadishu also??

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Whomever will need more than a few friends; be sure to film and spread it.

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Good. Accelerate.

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Thread archived. You cannot reply anymore.

why the cuck is that?

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infinity doesn't have anything about it last time I checked. makes it feel serious. we'll see how high this fire rises and if it spreads. I still give it two to three years before european dotr, the us gets a stay due to trump. as much as he's ((())) he's also both a release valve and an accelerator, it's pretty honked up.

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My man Paludan!

His thing is going to where invaders are, then burn a koran, to show how easily triggered and prone to violence they are. Then the invaders go apeshit. Works everytime. ...but they are a peaceful enrichment, hahaha!

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this is why I like it so much. fucking ferals cant help themselves.

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Can someone let the rest of the world in on the joke? Tossing the Koran? Was that the police?

Here's a little ditty for you. https://hooktube.com/8ZWMsBqJvPs

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Too bad for kebob: Universe does not favor regression. Goodbye islam; goodbye retards.

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you have your head in the sand.

western countries birth rates are all under 2 which means they are disappearing.

islamic countries are like 6-7 which means they are expanding.

in some ways you are right. the west is regressing and can say goodbye to islam which will remain long after the west is gone.

not sure that makes muslims retards. possibly geniuses because they are smart enough to reproduce.

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It’s like jumping into the tiger enclosure at the zoo. And the politicians willfully admitted these savages.

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That's both hilarious and terrifying.

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These retards would be really easy to bait into a boom trap.

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Yea, but you baiting them into it makes you the bad guy in the law's eyes, because their imperative is (supposedly) maintaining order, and some guy tricking invaders into drawing guns so he can shoot them is a breach of order, even if justified.

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Who said anything about guns?

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