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Some hick said that it was from the sucking of baby penis'. I reported him to ADL

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As of April 8, 2019, there have been 285 confirmed cases of measles in Brooklyn and Queens since October. Most of these cases have involved members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

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Measles outbreak started in Ukraine, traveled to Israel, Brooklyn

Israel’s measles outbreak took off in September after thousands of mostly chasidic Orthodox pilgrims brought the virus back from Uman, Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of Jews gather in the central Ukrainian city each year on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, near what many believe is the burial site of Rabbi Nachman, an 18th-century luminary.

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The Hasidim are notoriously anti vax.

Do you know, what do the Jews in those tightly knit Hasidic communities do for work? Lived in New York for decades and I can count my interactions with them, and sightings of them, on one hand. They aren't working in goy markets and places of business, they aren't availing themselves of goyish community stuff... What do they do?

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Reported to ADL. shaloms

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Oy vey

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Yeah it's slick how they blame the anti-vaxxers too. That way they can take the heat off the illegals and simultaneously drive business for the pharma companies that bribe the shit out of our law makers.

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Big Pharma is owned by kikes

they profit off perpetually sick victims

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(((#BigPharma))) creates vaccine industry. ...

causes massive spike in autism. ....

4chan is created. ....

red pills the fuck out of everyone....

second coming off Hitler....

(((they))) all get exterminated.


Cosmic Justice

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I'm wondering if this is the drive for the immigrants agenda and how money is pouring in for them, but it really is our taxes going towards this.

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Measles isn't a big deal at all. The MMR vaccine has killed something like 150 kids since 1995 and the measles has killed 2. I'll post a source later if I run across it today.

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Seriously. The only people who die of measles are malnourished niggers and those who would have died anyway.

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It's okay for the weak and sickly to die. In fact, it's better for everyone when they do.

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Measles is a big deal in shit hole countries where almost the whole population has it.

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It passes in a week. It's not a serious illness.

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The MMR vaccine has maimed millions.

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Designed that way - 10x more folks have died from from measles vaccines as from the measles itself (https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported/ ), and that isn't even counting the cases of autism which result from the deliberate injection of mercury and aluminum into children (yet plenty of shills claiming "Oh no, anti-vaxxers are a threat to western civilization"! Bullshit , it's another fear-driven exercise by the Deep State to kill people - period: FUCK OFF SHILLS)!

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It's getting so tiring listening to idiots pandering to the greater idiot flocks who happily believe anything fed to them. And a simple question, back when I thought maybe it could change a few NPC's minds... of "if no one got the measles vaccine but that same group of people had zero interaction with the outside countries populace... would they remain free of measles?"... Always met with responses of "that's a racist thing to say", and not giving an ounce of thought to any other possibility.

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Agreed. Let them self-select for extinction.

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Hygiene is white privilege.

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Immigrants from shitholes show up and give their diseases to...anti-vaxxers.

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Vaccinated people should have nothing to worry about if vaccines work

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As someone with autism, i had nothing to worry about?

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Whoa...mind blown

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Why do you mistakenly believe that vaccines prevent disease contraction? Who lied to you and caused you to believe this lie? You can get a vaccination for measles 10,000 times and still get measles...

How do you not know this? Have you not done any independent research at all?

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Patient zero is always a filthy vaxxer, Moishe. Vaccination is keeping these diseases alive when increasing living standards, diet and sanitation alone were successfully eradicating them.

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I believe you meant to send this to someone else.

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There is evidence to suggest the outbreaks may be from MMR vaccine. It is a live virus vaccine and sheds off people who receive it into the air. Then for anyone who didnt get it or the vaccine simply didn't take, there is a chance to develop measles. These idiot scientists are scratching their heads wondering why their stupid vaccine isnt working and their only answer is "MOAR BOOSTER SHOTS". Dur people are getting infected with the vaccine strain not the wild virus.

For the record why do we need vaccines for mild childhood diseases which when caught naturally afford lifetime immunity?

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Duh. You what to know the obvious giveaway? All over social media and mainstream outlets have been pushing the anti-vaxxer rhetoric HARD. The inorganic uptick in anti vaccination memes and posts especially on reddit was a giveaway, even all the bestof posts that share stories of children who grew up in that environment.

They are doing their best to scrub out any other possibilities from entering the forefront of public thought.

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