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Well I vaguely remember something about soldiers being given drugs like crystal meth for super soldier experiment reasons, and that sounds kinda believable. Hitler doesn't strike me as one to do drugs, especially not heroin but I don't know enough about him to deny that....

But injecting seamen? That sounds like Jewish degenerate projection.


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Pilots were given drugs to help them stay awake. I think it was stuff like meth and amphetamines.

Both sides, not just the Germans.


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Stole the words right off my keyboard. The whole meth thing is a canard.

And if you explore governments and drugs the western world from the opium wars, golden triangle heroin to the CIA Iran Contra Israeli Columbia cocaine.mthe biggest drug dealers in the world are the people operating in the Fed Gov


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It was called pervitin


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Military pilots around the world are still issued amphetamine.


[–] operation_wetvac ago 

In Holocaust class we learned about the time Hitler himself once gave pilots amphetamines to make them rage out and go berzerker mode against innocent minorities.

Google "Tarnak Farm incident".

Seriously though, it was a different time back then. Whether they did do drugs or not, It's not like Nazis knew what LSD and roids and amphetamines would really do. They don't have the hindsight that we have now after all these decades. And yet people are still doing it! The semen thing is definitely bullshit though. Hitler was clearly not Chinese.


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The semen part is definitively jewish filth throwing, like having only one ball and other stuff in the "peepee poopoo" category about Hitler.

The Meth part is true tho. The German army (and other too, don't remember the exact list for WW2 but some Nordic countries where using it massively too) was providing meth tablet as part of medics' kit. If you are seeing stuff about "chocolate tablets" on German side, that's what they are actually talking about - it was a nickname. There wasn't a stigma about it at that time, it was just considered a very potent pick-me-up.

I wouldn't be surprised if Germany's higher ups where using them too, especially toward the end of the war where energy was low and pulling all-nighter common. I remember a video of Hitler having extremely shaky hands during a public apparition, if it's not doctored it was probably that.


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If you are seeing stuff about "chocolate tablets" on German side, that's what they are actually talking about


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Soldiers use enhancing drugs all the time, so no surprise there. Hitler doesn't strike me as someone that would do drugs for recreation either but medicine was very different back then. Maybe if he had pains or something.

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