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Jews are not white.

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Yes, it would be correct. It would be a White Ethno-State.

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Theres no if because they arent.

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Every jew growing up gets this drilled into their heads. Jewish parents repeatedly tell them "we are not white, we only look white". Jews are trained from birth to hate whites

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Yet they are white whenever it suits their interests. Shapeshifters, all of them.

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That would be like a whiet hoe telling her black bastard children that they aren't black though. They are.

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Which is why 94% of American Jews identify as non-Hispanic white I suppose?


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Technically, Ashkenazi Jews are. But they're all master shapeshifters.

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Genetic analysis has shown that Ashkenazis are descended from a small group of Arab/European cross breads.

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Starting an argument or meme with a false statement is never persuasive.

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They're not. If you can trace your roots back to the middle east, and not the caucases, then you're not white.

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Make a bunch of KKK/Israel memes. Us jews love goyim memes. shaloms

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If jews are white then the holocaust was white genocide

Never forget

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holy fuck I wish I was a scum cunt with a bunch of accounts to give you a million upvotes. I'm definitely stealing this and enjoying the lolz and butthurt kvetching when I drop it. Thanks mate.

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Jews don't recognize "white" as an ethnicity.

To be a jew means to have jew blood and/or follow the jew religion.

It's broad, open-ended definition that allows them to claim Palestine as their homeland.

But, just like the Holocaust - it's a myth. The modern Ashkenazi or Shepardic jews are not the same as the jews in the Bible . . . . which by the way, is a book of myths. The bible is not HISTORY.

Therefore, ISRAEL is a nation-state based on mythology.

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The Bible has some history, loosely based on Hebrew North African tribesman and their various mythology and conquests. However, these Babylonian Turks who call themselves Jews have absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

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which by the way, is a book of myths. The bible is not HISTORY.

I guess the first and second temples built themselves, that the tribes of Israel originated in some other, mysteriously undocumented way, and all the wars and diasporas were just bedtime stories.

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Lots of the very beginning of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, etc.) was made up by Jewish authorities in the sixth to fourth centuries BC, but much of the rest is historical; there's lots of good information about this in The Controversy of Zion.

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Here's a good question... Can a book be an idol?

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Christians are Christ worshippers, rather than the bible

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I don't recognize "white" as an ethnicity, either. You are either French, German, Scottish, etc, or some combination thereof. They use the "white" label against us.

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Jews are shapeshifters. White when they need to be white, oppressed minority when they need to be.

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They would just say that not all jews are white and its a religion. The whole discussion has been designed to a minefield.

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People like Own Benjamin get confused by this shit. In the same sentence he'll say he's jewish then scream about how jewishness is a religion, not an ethnicity. Nigger what?

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That’s a good one to use against Jews and libs

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Useful against neolibs certainly. But go left to the point where you reach those who are pro-Palestine, and they may agree with the similarities to a white ethnostate. Pointing out hypocrisies among establishment D's is no harder than it is to do for establishment R's. Both have the same job after all, supporting wall street while using loaded language to pit passionate members of the working class against one another to distract from the oligarchs (whether they pretend to be on the left or right) who are hoarding all the wealth and power.

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whether they pretend to be on the left or right

The left and the right are hoaxes.

They lie when they say that Fascism is right wing. It's a trick to say Communism is left wing and Fascism is right wing so the only reasomable people are in the center.

If being in the center of Communism and Fascism is a moderate position then being halfway in between total social authority and total military authority is the moderate position.

Communism is basically Soviet Russia and Fascism is basically Sparta. In both cases, the citizens live purely for the benefit of the government. Although, in Communism, they lie and say that the government lives purely for the benefit of the citizens.

That's the big lie: to be a centrist, in this paradigm, is to balance social programs (domestic affairs) with devotion to military service (foreign affairs).

Once they have you viewing Democrat and Republican in these terms, they have already won. Once they have you viewing all social systems in these terms, they have already won.

Now, the origin for the terms "left wing" and "right wing" originate in the French Parliament of old. Within this system, politicians sorted themselves by ideology. Those who believed in government-based solutions to societal ills sat on the LEFT. And those who believed in citizen-based solutions to societal ills sat on the RIGHT.

To be left wing, then, meant to be authoritarian. Whether by social programs or by military might, the authority must bring the solutions to bear. And the people must accept them.

To be right wing, then, meant to be anti-authoritarian. The people have the ability to provide solutions if the government would simply leave them be. The government is a hindrance to the true innovators and creators of solutions for societal ills.

Now, to be centrist in this environment meant to be accepting of some authority whilst also seeing the benefit of citizen-based solutions.

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Jews aren't even human. I'm not joking

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They view themselves as gods living a human life. Watch Doreen Dotan's youtube and she explains we the goyim are their creation. God permits them (demigods, angels, I guess) to create earth and us.

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You're not joking because you're fucked in the head :^)

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yes.... always tell the niggers that... then show them slave boat owner statistics

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