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Then you realize there are no political solutions, then you become black pilled, then you realize there are more white people who think like you everyday, who own guns. Change is coming. It won’t come from MAGA, it won’t come from Q, it won’t come from “based Jews”. It will start when enough can no longer stand it. Any of it.

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Building community, organizing, the Jew HATES this. If enough of us moved into a town we could take it over, like Mormons in Utah. Open our own banks, loan to each other. Elect our own sheriff. Only employ one another. This is exactly what Israel is. It’s exactly what liberals do. The right’s problem has always been fragmentation and this desire to be independent (nothing wrong with that) but we are at war here

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Exactly. I've got about 5 to 7 guys that I trust and have trained. They aren't full out soldiers yet but they know enough to be more than useful in a fight. If it got bad, I know more of my buddies would know where to find me. Forth! And fear no darkness

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Purchase land at any means possible.

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Redpill all your friends and family. Arm them and take them to the range. Have food and water supplies.

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it'll only happen when food becomes scarce.

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Yes. we should get the economic apocalypse by 2028, I am guessing.

By then, every boomer in the country will be retired and claiming pension and social security, on medical benefits, and selling off assets to survive - stocks, houses, whatever.

With such a reduction in demand plus the simple financial cost, the economy won't survive. It will be a deflationary monster.

That means the end of the of surveillance/welfare state and the beginning of worse-than-Venezuela chaos. Survival rates will matter much more than birth rates.

So the country - beyond walking distance from a big urban area - is the place to be.

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That might be the trigger point for the subhumans, but that is not what historically motivates White (non-cuck) males.

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Yeah. Shit needs to get way worse before normal people are motivated to do something substantial and make it better.

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Just vote for the worst candidate that has a chance and as mentioned below work out regularly. Normies will be shaken pretty hard when the basic items they love start to vanish.

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I don’t think we can push accelerationism. It is genuinely why I voted for that globalist Bush. Towards the end I thought it was happening with the financial crash, but here we are. One of the good things Jordan Peterson says is when he explains how tables get turned. Essentially when the 1% is TOO wealthy and the other 99% are dirt poor, starving, then you get revolution. It’s going to take a lot more than are current circumstances to bring about a revolution. Look at the circumstances Hitler came to power under. A barrel of Deutschmarks couldn’t buy bread. It takes a lot of poverty, death, and disease to get people to make a radical shift.

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It's actually well over $68.8 Billion over the last 10 years... and then some.

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Looks like Rand Paul has placed a hold on the $38B, for now:


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I'm very happy I'm not the only one who outwardly says this. Israel is no ally, no friend or partner to the United States. We are a vassal state of Israel. Israel is a parasite. I can't think of even one instance where they helped us in any manner. I know of instances where Israel has attacked our military. The meme that Israel is an ally is the most absurd nonsense I've heard.

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This is a real easy fix. Listen up carefully.

When your traitor 'representatives' return home, they never return to D.C..

Use your imagination as to why.

It's that simple.

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This is why they blocked the NZ shooters manifesto everywhere. Reading it, you realize that the guy was just a good guy who was forced into a bad situation. (Kinda like the kill-dozer guy) If his government was listening to their people - he would never have felt the need to do what he did. He would have never been in the position to feel like he needed to take it into his own hands.

The ones who are labeled racist are just the ones who are willing to look into the future 20-30+ years from now. They see where this trajectory is taking us. It's taking us to a muddled population that doesn't have a distinct culture or home. Diversity of culture is cool, but what we're seeing isn't diversity - it's genocide by dilution. I completely appreciate distinct cultures. But they need to stay distinct cultures or else we're just going to have a lot of strife on our hands as slowly people wake up to the fact that they're being replaced. (Though maybe not. It's happening slowly enough that most of the people don't realize what's going on)

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Trip wire rat trap to a black powder buried charge. Get it

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We paid for the wall... In Israel.

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And one on the sourthern border of MEXICO... you know... to protect mexico from illegal immigration.

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$50 billion for a secure border? What do these goyim want with a $20 billion wall? This $10 billion fence is an absurd waste of money! What could these greedy taxpayers possibly do with $5 billion of physical barrier? Fine, fine. $40 billion for Israel. Promises kept!

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That's a great meme. And versatile. I always smile at that one.

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Lol you still think it's the USA.

It's the (((Them)))A now. And nobody will do anything about it because its "anti-Semitic".

The truth is anti-Semitic.

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What has to change is our limits of the amount of bullshit we are willing to tolerate and what we are willing to leave to the coming generations.

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