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Going to channel my inner 1400s here and say that Catholicism drifted very far from the message of Christ. It became a way to maintain political and social power, instead of a religion, which has continued to this day. The level of corruption and wealth inside the Catholic church is just insane.

The idea of having one, or a small group of, spiritual leaders is in general kind of strange to me. The role of a priest/reverend should not be to lead, but rather to be someone to whom others can turn for help and to provide some guidance on religious matters. There shouldn't need to be a huge hierarchy (aside from funding/organization I guess). Spirituality should come from within.


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"Spirituality should come from within." That's an eastern idea and is totally false. We are called to rise above our nature. To become supernatural. There is a hierarchy on earth, heaven, and hell. Catholic doctrine has never changed nor can it. What you are referring to is the administration aspect and your belief isn't accurate. The Church has gone through many different trials in its history. What we see in the Church today is basically paralleling with what's going on in the world.


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