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The link has a problem for me. Why do you think they gave them opium?


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The victims all appear to be sedated and zombified.

There are several theories about this. One, is that these savages frequently perform mock executions with their prisoners. One day they'll grab you of your cell and say "This is the day you die", blindfold you, chain you to a wall, and fire a rifle into the air. After doing this to a prisoner a few dozen times, when they finally are ready to actually kill him, the prisoner is like "Oh, this shit again..." and doesn't realize it's the real deal until the knife rips into him or the bullet strikes him.

It's also been reported that a lot of victims in these torture videos have been drugged in order to make them more docile. For these insanely well-made, Hollywood produced ISIS execution videos, they absolutely have an entire film crew, including a director, to make the video. That director probably doesn't usually want the prisoners to be thrashing around and screaming and making a big scene, he just wants bodies to kill. So hit em with some opium before beginning the filming. A prisoner on opium doesn't give a fuck what you do to him.


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They do not.