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Something else I noticed about these gore websites- the video player for the gore video is always positioned right next to an ad that is a gif of some hardcore pornography.

Part of me thinks "That's just a way to grab attention and potentially draw a click to the ad", but at the same time I wonder- does watching intense violence juxtaposed with intense sexual imagery do something to the mind? Maybe it doesn't affect the adult mind very much (unless you're obsessively watching the shit), but I have to imagine that kids seeing that will have their perception of sexuality become tied to acts of extreme violence.

It's like conditioning. Sex and violence always seemed closely linked.

EDIT: Some goats have requested links or inquired, so I will include a link to "BestGore's best of 2018", a compilation video of 9 or 10 of the worst things you might see. HUGE NSFW GRAPHIC CONTENT (violence, some nudity) WARNING, DO NOT CLICK LINK BELOW IF SQUEAMISH OR AROUND CHILDREN. DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU.

Here you go, compilation of 10 of the most horrifying, brutal acts you'll ever witness:


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From Wikipedia: is a Canadian shock site owned by Mark Marek

'Marek' appears on this list of Jewish surnames, to the surprise of no one here on Voat.


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Wow, nice list

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"Marek" means Mark in Polish btw. The guy might be using a fake name.


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Seems really inclusive. I'm guessing many names on their could be German, without being Jewish. @carlip


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Conditioning is exactly what it is. It is the same "sex sells" strategy used by pairing sexual themes and images with products and services.


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"Shut it DOWN! The Goyim know! They are onto us!"


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It could be that porn companies are the only places that would even bother advertising there.


[–] Fagtardicus ago 

why not both?


[–] Birddirt ago 

Watched #1 and #3. That was intense! These people are animals!


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So you saw the boy being murdered and the negro being eviscerated?

If I had to say any of these videos is the "worst one", I'd probably say #1 with the boy being flayed alive. The other two where teenagers are hacking other teens arms off were really fucked as well. Maybe they're "worse" for me simply because it's happening to kids.